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Monday, January 08, 2007

Ah my first post of 2007, wow I'm excited, its a brand new year with tons of new topics coming up for discussion and I will definately be posting alot more often, my schedule is not as nuts as it was during the fall.
So my first post, I wanted to comment on a commercial I saw, that is irritating me more and more when I see it....I will not say the name of the brand, but I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself.
Here's the claim...
"Undo up to two years of damage in just one month"
Truth: This cannot do what it claims to do! What do you think you can damage your hair as much as you want and that this product is going to do anything? If you believe their claim you need to get real and read on....advertisers will say whatever you want to hear!
Okay lets set the records straight here, hair is dead, hence why you feel no pain when you get a haircut. So something that is dead cannot fix itself should it get damaged. For example, you break a vase you cannot restore it to the way that it was, once its damaged its damaged forever, it has no way of fixing the is the same story, you damage it there is no way to fix that damage, you can mask it, try to make it look more cosmetically pleasing but you cannot fix it. Think about split ends, once you get them you can use that miracle product all you want and they are not going to suddenly disappear, the split ends will stay there until they are cut off.

But why do they make such claims?
Because advertisers do not think that the average consumer is educated in anything that they are selling. Lets all be honest here, how many of us really know the intricate structure of hair? We damage it all the time, but we cannot see that we have destroyed the bonds of our hair when we bleach it, we do not see it...hence what you cannot see you tend to not know about.
Okay, example time, when you bleach your hair you are destroying approximately 25% of the disulfide bonds, now can you see it? No.
But most people who bleach there hair complain that their hair is dry or sometimes brittle...they don't think oh I've damaged my hair with the bleach, they just think oh my hair is dry and brittle, and run and pick up some products to try to fix the problem. Well the dryness and brittleness that you complain about after you bleach your hair is your hair telling you that you have done some damage to it! No shampoo or product can get those disulfide bonds back, but products can conceal the problem, they can make the hair look shiny and some products make the hair softer, but the damage is done. All the product can do is improve it cosmetically.

What do I mean by "improve it cosmetically" well here's what I mean...
Think about make-up, when you put on foundation you can have a lovely flawless face right? But when you wash it off at night you are back to the same face you had before you put on your foundation, your flaws are evident again. See the job of foundation or concealer is to hide flaws, but the product does nothing to FIX the flaws, it masks them, it hides them. Most haircare products are the same, they cannot FIX the damage, they just mask it.

So can you really take away 2 years worth of damage in just one month with that product, not a chance! The product is not going to fix split ends, restore the disulfide bonds you have lost, or undo any damage you have done, especially not any heat damage you have done to it!
You have to remember that hair is just that hair, it can only take so much, and once its taken all it can handle its going to give up. Think about hair that has been damaged by a botched tr, when the hair breaks its had it, its been damaged to a point where it can no longer "hold itself" where it is beyond repair.
See that's why the best remedy for removing damage is a haircut, see by cutting off the hair your stylist is essentially removing the damaged hair...
The product in the ad may make your hair shinnier, maybe make it smoother, but its not going to fix the majority of complaints people have with their hair....there have been products on the market to deal with shine and softness for a long time...oh as a heads up, even in the ad it says that it "removes the damage" by making hair softer. Wow, from the "it can remove two years worth of damage" to "by making hair smoother" what a difference!
There is no way of removing two years of damage with any product, all products can do is make hair more cosmetically pleasing...products that claim to prevent breakage eg. Redken's Anti-Snap, simply fortify the cuticle, thus allowing the hair to "hold out" a little longer. Think also about treatments that bond split ends, its temporary, it gives the person a bit more time before they need to get it cut...its a temporary solution.
So why blow your money on a product that doesn't do what its told...hey if it really was to remove two years of damage, people with botched tr's would be hailing the product and everyone would be able to abuse their hair to the max and just use the product....don't hear any hair pro hailing the product, ask your stylist/technician about the claims and you'll hear the same answer "it doesn't work" Next time you go for a haircut ask your stylist what's the best way to get rid of damage and you'll be hearing "a haircut".....
As a side note about the brand...I have disliked the brand for quite some time now, I find that their products are difficult to wash out, where I always feel like there is a residue and many people have mentioned that feeling, their conditioner leaves build-up. Also the ingredient in their shampoo, their cleanser is the same cleanser found in's the harshest one....remember ALS (ammonium laureth/laryl sulfate) = harshest cleanser....SLS (sodium laureth/laryl suflate) = better much more gentle and TEA (way to long to spell) = best....but hardest to find!

Hope you have a great hair day always, and remember not to believe everything you hear on tv or read in ads, and read the fine print!

Remember: It's your hair who are you going to trust?

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