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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hello again everyone, wow these last two weeks have been absolutely insane, I had two exams in one day last week, one of which was super hard, and today I had a take home exam due and another exam...but today's exam was good, my prof made sure we didn't stress over it. So now that exams are over, I'm back in gear with my journal...with lots of ideas, some of which you'll see in 2007.
So I mentioned that last time I saw my stylist, he gave me two new products to use, Bedhead's Headrush and Bedhead's After Party, so now I'm ready to review each one of them, so let's start with Bedhead's Headrush

TIGI says it's ...A lightweight aerosol supershine mist that givesexplosive shine for immaculate, healthy looking hair.

My review of it...I absolutely love this product, it is lightweight and doesn't weigh your hair down at all, it doesn't even feel like you have anything in your hair, its a super fine mist which is wonderful. Its also important to note that it does not leave any residue in your hair at all, and I swear even if you put a bit much on one part (its happened to me already) it won't weigh the hair down.
Does it make your hair shiny? Heck yes, I love it, it's like you have put a gloss on your hair (you know the colour glazes/the clear glaze) it makes your hair look absolutely beautiful, well worth the price tag.
If you are looking for a product to enhance your hair's shine and want something that won't weigh your hair down or make it feel greasy, then this is your product, people will be jealous of the amount of shine you get.
How I use it...based on my stylist's advice I use this on the top part of my hair, I spray it and let it fall on my hair, it took some practice for me because for some reason I wanted to spray it like hairspray. Honestly all you need to do is spray it and let it fall on your hair and it's great. I also like to comb it through right after I apply it so that I spread it out more.

Next product....AfterParty
Okay this products bottle has the coolest lid in the world, I swear the product reminds me of a microphone (don't ask)
What TIGI says....The perfect party favor. After-Party hair cream for silky, smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair.Control the funky fly-aways and silkify your hair.
My review...Well if you bring that product with you to a party it will be talked about :) but why would you want to give away your good little secret?
Does it make your hair silky and shiny and healthy looking? Yes it does and yes you will create jealousy at the party, because you'll have the shinest hair there
This product is the form of a cream, but I do not find it heavy or greasy which again is a does wonders for controling fly-aways and it works for cowlicks too! No more accepting that fly-away because you can't control it, now you can!
How I use it...I use this product on the ends of my hair, and I do absolutely love it and I'd recommend it to anyone, again worth the price tag.

So tell me the difference about the products again....
Both are meant to add shine to the hair and both do it extremely well, both are used after the hair is dry.
Headrush is in the form of a mist, which feels like nothing on your hair, its not greasy in the slightest bit (obviously)
After-Party is in the form of a cream, I do not find it greasy at all, it is also lightweight, however this product can help control fly-aways
The products ironically both cost me the same amount of money, both are $25 Canadian (it may be a bit more in some salons, I purchased mine at Toni&Guy)

I totally recommend these products to anyone interested in creating some shine to their hair, and yes you will have hair that others desire, your hair will look like it has a glaze on it. I also like Shine Junkie, and admittedly alternate between Shine Junkie and Headrush+After-Party. Shine Junkie seems a bit more oil based, but it is not heavy at all, it's not greasy, you only need a little bit of Shine Junkie to acheive the shine, and admittedly I think Shine Junkie gives maximum shine! However all three of the products are amazing and worth trying, Headrush is the lightest of them, with Shine Junkie however has more oils in it so it is slightly heavier, and if you have oily hair I don't recommend putting it on the root area, however, I'd never give it up,it is still my favourite product to enhance shine it's maximum shine...Headrush and After-Party also give massive shine, trust me whichever you pick your hair will be envied by people who have dull hair and whose hair is not as shiny as yours.....TIGI takes care of people's hair, their products are meant to put your hair at the centre of attention. --

Remember: It's your hair who are you going to trust?

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