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Sunday, October 22, 2006

" I made through the wildnerness, somehow I made it through, didn't know how lost I was until I found made me feel, ya you made me feel shiny and new......" - Like A Virgin By Madonna
Just listening to that song right now, sorry I have not written in a while, school has kept me super busy, I had to write five 8-10 page essays, and they were all due in the same was nuts.
So my birthday was this past Friday, (October 20) and this year I wanted to do something special, I wanted to get my hair done, and I did!n It was a super treat to start off my day having my hair done. Can not stress it enough, it is WONDERFUL to have someone pamper you and do your hair for you! Of course I couldn't keep it a secret that it was my birthday.
So I write the importance of that part of my day, in my prom dress and a tiara on my head! (it was a birthday gift)
I'll start off by saying that last week I made the mistake of just going anywhere to have my eyebrows done, (for kindness I will not mention the name)I have to say that was by far the worst experience of having my brows done ever. She did not even pay attention to how she was applying the wax, it was such a sloppy job...needless to say I ended up running out to buy eyebrow pencil, and was forced to wear it until my birthday that is...
So I walk into the salon and after spilling the beans that it was my birthday, Andrew asked me if I needed any esthetics done, the first words that came out of my mouth were "don't my eyebrows look so bad!" and he said "We have a wonderful esthetician, she can fix them for you" and of course desperate to have my eyebrows look better, or shall I say "normal" I said yes. I do forget the womans name, but she was wonderful! She saved my eyebrows, and I was no longer complaining about how "bad" my eyebrows looked, needless to say I threw away the eyebrow pencil.
Now to the hair part....
I had a blow-dry and it was wonderful, did I ever mention how totally amazing those chairs at the shampoo bowl are? Those are gold...I seriously want to take one home. After that its off to get my hair styled perfectly pin straight. After three years of having my hair blow-dried straight it doesn't even phase on me how it feels. I have to say it, being able to blow-dry my hair straight is a God-given talent...Andrew, man you are blessed with being able to blow-dry my hair straight to perfection! I admit it, I wish I could do what you can! So I got my hair blow-dried and flat ironed to perfection, and it meant so much to me...
My confidence was in overdrive (which is a awesome thing for me) and I was a beauty queen....I remember saying this "now all I need is a tiara and I am a princess" seriously I felt that great. It meant alot to me to have that amount of attention paid to me, and for making my hair look perfect on a super important day...but I'll say this, regardless of the occassion I always feel that I get that special attention on my hair, and it makes all the difference in my confidence, many thanks.

So what I am I working on for future posts, yes I've kept stuff in mind love has not faded, just school had to come first (well essays) I've got some more technical hair stuff coming out (oh yes, TR and vertical smoothing info, I know you want it)and the rest I want to keep secret, that way I keep you all in suspence!

Never forget the power that you have within you to make someone's the daymaker, the dream-come true maker......
"Remember it's your hair, who are you going to trust"

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