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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hello all, its currently 11:26pm, and despite the fact I have been overly busy with homework I needed to write tonight, as its been some time since I have. So here is tonights post....

What is right for YOU!
It's been a while since I ever bought a fashion magazine, and I'm fresh out of be honest never really had an interest in magazines, except during prom season for dresses of course. I personally don't care for fashion magazine's....I don't undertand some of the things that are in style, the Ugg boots and skinny jeans, really, and lets be honest here, who looks even decent in them. Skinny jeans just make you look like an ice cream cone, our hips are wide and then we are getting a narrow pant line to the point where its tight at the ankle...give you the impression of ice cream cone, wide top and narrow bottom? I admit the idea of "ice cream cone" came from "What Not to Wear" the Stacey and Clinton one on TLC (my favourite TV chanel) Those two cared to dress you in what looks good on you, not on following every silly trend, never see skinny jeans nor this Ugg boots (apparently sheep farmers have those boots....)
Okay so on to my point,
I read this article on line about hair, and how the hot trend was a"bob" the author of the article was like it's a hot cut and everyone should get that haircut. What did she say was out? Super long hair at your waist (that I'm not sure about looking great on anyone...that's a matter for my hair guru to answer, but it depends on the person)
My first thought was "ill a bob? Nasty...that won't work" and then this idea came to me, how could a fashion writer or beauty writer possibly be able to tell what looks good on everyone. Everyone is different and each unique so how is it fitting to say that EVERYONE should have a "slightly above the shoulders bob" there are people who would not look great in that bob, myself included.
Then I thought about something Kevyn Aucoin had said "if you hear the words 'always' or 'never' at a make-up counter run, run the opposite direction...make-up should be fun not facist" The man was right, why think that there are rules to make-up, not everyone is going to look fabulous in that orange eyeshadow that is "the hot item of the season" There are people who take that orange eyeshadow well and others who won't and don't. Would it not seem strange to wear an eyeshadow colour that looks horrible on you just because it is in style?
Why the heck would you want to conform to every trend instead of having your own unique look, and by that I mean why follow every trend instead of seeing what works and what doesn't for you. You can participate in trends but shouldn't have to be a slave to them.
Back to the hair thing again....haven't you ever noticed how someone can pull off that haircut or colour that just doesn't work for you when you have it done? I'll say one about me, I've always had a fascination with blonde hair, I always wanted blonde hair, and of course there was a time where blonde was THE haircolour of the season...but did I ever go blonde? Nope, why because I was told flat out that blonde hair will not suit my complexion, that I would look weird and it would look terrible on me...thus still to this day I have not ever coloured my dream of being blonde went in the hole. The girl that sat next to me in subway carried off her dyed blonde hair well because of her complexion and skin tone, where I would never carry blonde well. Isn't this the same with haircuts? I mean realistically how cool would a girl or guy with thick, coarse, curly/puffy hair look with a "slightly above the shoulder bob" that is THE in haircut...well frankly it would just be a thick mass of volume, tooo much volume! Not a good look and bound too create tears in the client the moment she lays eyes on it....
I guess that's why some hairstylists actually TELL the client what will work and what won't. Stylists need to sift that "illusion" from reality. There are certain cuts that work for certain people and some that won't, but why should a stupid internet article or fashion magazine tell you what you are supposed to look like.
I have to add, the article author was not fond of Madonna's little retro flip thing going on with her hair, if you've seen "Hung Up" (the video) you will see that her "bangs" are flipped out. Personally I think it's cute, and it WORKS for Madonna, she can pull it off. But the author thought that it was "not cool" funny thing is I didn't see a pic of the author, wonder if she's sporting that bob she says is in....Okay I'll say this every haircut I have seen on Madonna (and I'm a huge fan, so lots of pics I see) has looked good on her, why because whoever does her hair takes into consideration what works for her. Plus Madonna is a trend setter not a trend follower, bless that woman's heart for being a leader and an inspiration. That flip honestly is cool in my opinion, would I try it sure, because hey I can wash the style out if I didn't like it.
My question is why should some magazine dictate to you how to look, act or be. I also despise those magazine's with the articles of "how to get the guy" they have personally nothing of value in them, the author's don't have a clue about anything and the articles are so superficial..."go up to him and say hi" right, and no one knew that, stop the presses a discovery was made that if I say hi to a guy he will probably say hi back. Most people who read the "how to get a guy" have an issue, most times fear of rejection or shyness, and that article won't touch on that.
Then again what does a magazine know? It tells you how to be, and who to be, that it's okay to wear some trend that looks bad on you, because it's a trend. The magazine needs you to be a little doll, influenced by its words and looks how its told.....
Why not smarten up, and think for yourself, not sure if a particular make-up colour, or haircut or colour will look on you? Well then hire a good stylist/colour technician and find a good make-up artist to help you decide that.
There are people out there gifted in knowing what will work for you...with make-upand hair colour skin tone and colour has alot to do with the results, thus what looks good and what won't....with hair, face shape, hair texture and shape etc will dictate which direction your stylist should take with the cut....
I'll add this last remark, a great make-up artist, hair colourist, hair stylist will tell you their honest opinion, should you think that orange eyeshadow is stunning when in reality it's not a good make-up artist will tell you that it's not doing anything for you...same with hair colour and cut...your professional should tell you what works for you and if the idea you are presenting will work for you and if not why not.....
So ditch the magazine's and find your true self, do what works for you, after all we are all different and each is unique.

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