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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hello everyone,
I have to say it, today I bough the Madonna designed (and she owns one) track jacket from H&M....I'm a huge Madonna fan, incase you didn't know that already. That jacket I have to admit looks so awesome on me and I love that jacket, I think I want another one.....
Okay, now to the blog entry of the night....

Don't believe all that you see and hear on t.v.
Okay so that has been said before, but I'm serious about it. Many of us fall prey to the scheme's and promises these companies make why because we want whatever it is they are promising us. I saw a commercial for a shampoo that said it would make your hair super shiny. If you see the model you think wow she has super shiny hair and that the product can actually live up to its promise, but know to unviel the short can shampoo make your hair super shiny or shiny? No

The amount of shine depends on the way light bounces off the hair, people with straight hair tend to have shiny hair, because the light bounces off straight hair better than it does curly hair. Curly hair is kinda like having a stucco ceiling (the ones with the dots all over you know) since the surface is not flat the light does not reflect off of it very well and there it seems somewhat dull.....with a plain ceililing the light bounces off it beautifully, same thing with hair, but the hair appears shiny.....I'm not saying that curly hair cannot be shiny, just trying to explain the basic elements of light and how it affects hair.

Shine can also come from hair care products, like Shine Junkie by Bedhead, my personal favourite. This product is a finishing product, so it's left in and now washed out and it basically coats the hair making it shiny and it really does a great job. Products intended to create shine are leave in products, they basically coat the hair and make it look shiny, alot of these products can contain oils.

Now can shampoo make hair shiny? No, why? Because the product is rinsed off.....what good can it do if its not on the hair....shampoo will not penetrate into the cuticle to change the shine factor or anything like that. Shampoo's job is to cleanse the hair and scalp, plain and simply, want to ad shine, try Shine Junkie by Bedhead.

Now having said that, healthy hair also tends to have a natural shine, hair that is moisture and protein balanced tends to be shinier than say dry hair. So keeping your hair in tip top condition (which includes regular haircuts and using professional salon quality products and don't forget a properly balanced diet) will also help your hair retain its luster.....

Just think about it, that model in that commercial had her hair done by some professional stylist, and who knows what products she has in there to make her hair shiny and who knows if she has had a glaze done (a clear hair colour that just adds shine to the hair) to her don't believe all that you hear or see on t.v. they are appealing to your desires without telling you the truth, well the whole truth that pro-vitamin can magically make your hair shiny....a product yes, but a shampoo with some quirky name to it, shampoo in general.

As always have a great hair day and remember
"It's your hair, who are you going to trust?"

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