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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hello again,
I couldn't help but be inspired to write this post based on an advertisement I had seen. The ad makes two key claims 1-It's easy to damage hair and 2-Our product will repair it. Let me analyze....
Yes it is true, it is easy to damage our hair, why? because look at all that we do to it, we heat style it, colour it, chemically alter it, oh so much we do to it...not only that but the environment helps out, the winds and the sun not to mention the horrid humidity.
Hair is also easy to damage because unlike our skin it does not repair itself, hair is dead and once it's damaged there is no real way to fix it, well there is one way, a haircut will do the trick, the one way to remove damage is to have it cut off.

Okay I led into the second claim, just about proving the whole ad wrong and misleading. No shampoo or conditioner can actually REPAIR the damage that is done, again because hair is dead there is no way for the damage to be repaired without resorting to cutting the damage off. Once the damage is done its done.

I know you probably wonder then what deep treatments are for, well they are good for preventing damage or slowing its effects. Think about this, a person heat styles their hair, dries it with the blow-dryer and straightens it with the iron, its obviously going to damage the hair right? Sure, you can use heat protectants and you should be using them, but they reduce the damage, they can't prevent it completely. A heat protectant would be like a first line of defence, but since the hair is getting heated it's going to get damaged, using a heat protectant will help reduce the effects of the iron. So the damage is in a sense slowed. Deep treatments are also a good way to restore moisture and protein to the hair and a perfect idea for someone who heat styles often, again it will help reduce the amount of damage, but doesn't PREVENT IT!
Oh and by the way shampoo will not do anything to repair the hair, the main job of shampoo is to cleanse the hair.....if you are looking for something to help your hair, a little boost try a deep treatment, it will give your hair an added boost.

My point hair is easy to damage, of course, but hair is easy to repair, yes with a haircut! No product can ever fully repair and resotre the hair, hair is dead and once the damage is done its done you cannot fix it....the only method of beridding that damage is with a haircut....

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