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Friday, July 28, 2006

Hello everyone,
Today was a totally wonderful day, I feel so happy and yet so relaxed....okay so it's 11:45pm and I'm sitting here writing this journal. Today was another one of my salon days, and a much needed one. I wanted to treat myself to something special after a small step up in the work world and also I have a special occassion I'm attending. I'll be honest and say that I really wanted to go for me, a treat for me.......
This past week has been so stressful for me, and yesterday was quite a down day for me. I just felt so stressed out and burned out. I guess it must have showed, because today at the salon I got to have a hair treatment (yah!) and it was one of the most relaxing things in the world...I don't ever remember being so relaxed that way. It was totally wonderful and after a few minutes of laying there with the massage going all the troubles just melted away. I lay there at the shampoo bowl enjoying that wonderful massage feature and closed my eyes and just let everything go....totally good way to relieve stress I must say. Just what I needed ;)
Well I got my hair straightened to perfection, ah I must say I love that so much, it's nice you know to just have it so perfect. I've never seen my hair be so calm and puff free from just a blow-dry, when I do my hair, I have to sleep on it to get rid of the excess puff. Andrew you are so good at what you do oh hair guru!
I have to add one more thing to this, today I got to try out a new product, not only did I get to see what the product could do I got to also learn to apply it properly! You know it's one thing to buy a product, to know what it does but another to actually apply it properly. I'm glad I learned to apply it properly, nice to have the opportunity to try applying it that way someone can tell you if you are doing it right or wrong and correct you. Now I just have to remember the rule, run the fingers through the hair.

Now the lesson in all this should be fairly evident. One is to realize the importance of educating the client when giving them new product, its important that we understand how to use and apply the products we are being given and yes being told why we should use it is important....helps get the product off the shelf :)
Also sometimes its nice to know what the client needs without them having to say a word, but that's something special in itself......

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