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Friday, July 21, 2006

Hello everyone,
Tonight I come here inspired by a posting that I just read on Steve (one of my hair guru's) website. The post made me think and then I knew I had to write on this....

TR and you (the client)
You dream of pin straight hair everyday, you know that is what you want, after all you are looking for that sleek, straight, sexy look you have been doing at home with the flat iron and blow-dryer for so long. You go to the salon just for a blow-dry, and now you hear of this wonder called "Thermal Reconditioning" it promises you straight hair and very importantly frizz-free hair.
You look up this wonderful service and realize hey it's being offered in a salon in my question to you is what is your next step?

-Do you actually do your research about the service so that you are knowledgeable about the service and know what to ask and what to expect from it and your technician?
-Or do you just go and book the appointment?

I hope you do the former rather than the second option...but my question to you then if you choose the first one is have you done enough research to know what to look for in a technican, could you identify a TR expert from a TR newbie?
Could you recognize the right answers to the interview questions? I mean it's wonderful to use the resource that I have posted from Steve's site about what questions to ask in the interview (TR Technician Interview Sheet) but you have to know the right answers to the questions in order to be successful in choosing the right techniciam?
If you don't you'd better find them out, check out Steve's site and read through the rest of my site for more info on them.....

Your best bet as a client is to do your research, as TR is still fairly new here in North America, way too many technicians are still learning and/or clueless about the science behind the art of TR. TR is more complicated than it seems, it's more than applying, hoping and praying that it comes out okay. It's aabout understanding what is happening every step of the way to the hair, and knowing how to properly evaluate the hair, and most importantly being dedicated to that one client and booking the right amount of time for that client!!!!

Research everything you can! Once that's over it's time for the consultation and consult with a few different technicians, compare answers to the answers you have received from Steve's site and compare the technicians answers. Remember just because they have a before and after pictures doesn't mean that client didn't have any problems, most problems surface after the first wash......that's 72 hours later!

Now my question is why do so many people have a bad TR experience?
The answers I can come up with are a few..
1- Not enough research on the clients part...I know you expect that since the salon is offering the service that the technician has to know what they are doing...but I'm sure you know better than that, there are technicians/stylists out there who are better than others, and more talented than others and most of the best ones have ongoing education.
2- The technician does not understand the science behind the question then to them is why are you even providing the service if you don't understand the science behind the art? A one day training course or video tape isn't going to make you a professional let alone an expert...don't know or fully understand TR then don't do it, avoid the heartache for the client and the headache for yourself, lost revenue can't be good for business and neither is a soiled reputation.
3- Clients just do don't do the research, don't do enough of it or worse, do it but just want TR so bad you just let anyone do it.

For those who just let anyone do it, what for? It's your hair, you have to live with the mess if it goes wrong. Why not do the research? No one good in your area, then why wing it? Just don't have it done, save yourself the heartache. I know some people do just let anyone or settle for less and then heartaches over a botched job comes into play.

You know though what really strikes me, a client gets a botched TR and then goes back to that technician to allow them to try to fix it....HELLO! If they did it wrong the first time what makes you think they can do it right the second time? I mean does the technician even realize where the mistake is or are they just re-doing the hair? Knowing TR also means understanding why TR can fail or has failed. When people get these "fixes/redo's" do you even realize what has gone wrong? Does the technician tell you the truth or just blame you....because I've heard this case where a technician blamed the client who followed all the appropriate aftercare, and in fact the mistake lay with the technician!

I'm sorry but if after a botched TR you go back to the same technician do do your re-touch then you are truly playing with fire......if you damage your hair you realize that you have to deal with the consequences and trust me no one, but especially no woman wants to deal with her hair falling out or breaking everywhere!

I wanted to post something that Steve Tcherkezian wrote on his site

"See here is the problem. The majority of people who have had their hair TRd are ecstatic. And when you look close, you'll notice the job was not done properly, yet people are overjoyed; until oops, they start noticing the problems. Come to me or Go to a TR stylist that has a good reputation in doing this process. You want a TR stylist that causes NO hair breakage and NO reduction. That's MOST important. The other thing I want to caution people is I notice many clients come to me from other salons with chemical and mechanical bends: mechanical and chemical damage due to wrong chemical application techniques and wrong ironing techniques. So people who get excited about their straight, frizz free TRd hair SHOULDN'T be too excited when the hair had received ALL this damage. People should look beyond and for the long term of doing this process. And remember, these damages are always the TR stylist's mistake and NOT the TR product itself. For example, CHI or Bio Ionics does not cause the hair damage or bends: The TR stylist causes it - ALWAYS. "
Copyright Steve Tcherkezian

Keep that in mind and have a great hair day

Remember: "It's your hair, who are you going to trust?"

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