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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Here are two FAQ's about TR along with the response, so it's time to set the facts straight on these two questions.....

Q. I'm confused. I'm having TR next week. After years and years of blow drying and ironing, I thought after TR I wouldn't have to use an iron again. But it sounds from a lot of you that I do! Can someone please explain this? I thought the hair comes out very straight and you just wash and go!! Thanks ahead!
A. How your hair comes out post-TR depends a lot on the condition of your hair pre-TR, and the experience of your stylist. If you have "virgin" hair (no highlights, previous relaxers, etc) then you have a better chance of winding up with "wash and go" hair... that is if you go to a good stylist. However, if you've had chemical processes done to your hair in the past and that hair hasn't grown out yet, you may need to do more post-TR ironing to get that straight sleek look.

Q. Which TR system is the best?
A. Don't think about the TR solution. The stylist is the most important thing. Yuko is first TR solution in the world. I like STRAIGHT TIO a lot because it is the most versatile TR product on the market. Liscio, iStraight, rusk8st, I think they are great as well. Not a big difference. It all depends on the stylist's experience. Each stylist has different experience with their TR system. But nobody can say that their system is best. There is no master of TR and the best one is just a little more experienced.

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