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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Question: I'm wondering if it is true that shampoo's can really restore split ends, after recently having a haircut I have noticed split ends again. I heat style my hair about twice a week and use stuff that is supposed to helpt protect my hair, but there are still split ends. Without cutting down heat styling what is the best thing I should do to keep my hair in top shape?

Answer: I regret to inform you that the claim that shampoo's or any other hair care product can restore split ends is not true. Good marketing tactic but plain and simply not true. Think about it, hair is dead, there is no way for it to repair itself once the damage is done its done. Hair is not like a wound that heals itself with time, hair once damaged is not repairable, the only way to remove the damage is to cut it off. You can think of hair like a piece of rip the piece of paper and you can try to piece it together or hold it together with tape and what not but you can always tell that it was torn....hope that illustrates the point.

Ah, the "I got a haircut and I see split ends again after a few days" issue......this could be because the hair is more damaged than originally thought, what I mean is lets say you had 1 inch cut off, but your hair has 3 inches of damage, that one inch off is a start, but in a few days you'll see the split ends again because there is still 2 inches left of damaged hair....hope that made sense. It does sound like your hair is pretty damaged if it's still splitting after a hair cut.
Maybe on your next salon visit you may want to bring this up to your stylist and you both can decide the best plan of action for your hair. This will probably entail cutting off more length on your next visit, but honestly its for the best.
Remember the only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off, sad but true.

On to heat protectants, these products are not meant to completely protect your hair from heat styling damage, they are meant to minimize damage. So just because you use a heat protectant it doesn't give you permission to abuse your hair with super hot heat styling tools. If you flat iron your hair keep it on the lowest setting possible, I mean there is no point in turning it up to the highest heat temperature it goes. Start from the lowest temperature and work your way up until you find a temperature that works. You should not need to go above 180 degrees celcius. Some professional flat irons also have included in the instructions a temperature guide for your hair, so it will tell you the best heat setting for your hair.
Heat protectants are the hair's first line of defense against the heat of the iron, but heat does penetrate through the product if not the hair would not be stylable, think of it as a first line of denfense. Heat protectants do work but you may not be thinking they are because of all the split ends you are seeing.
Try Bedhead's Control Freak Serum as a heat protectant, it also doubles as a anti-frizz product and will prevent your hair from reverting....its one product I don't want to be without!

Advice on keeping your hair healthy....
1- Start out with a good haircut - Seriously one were all the damaged hair and ends are removed so only healthy hair is there.
2- Use professional salon brand products....this is where your stylist can help you out, he or she can recommend the best products for you to use. Personally I love Bedhead, its my line of choice.
3-Use a heat protectant, it does help...
4-Use a deep treatment/conditioner once every two weeks or even once a month (Bedhead's Chocolate Head is great)
5- Get regular trims - I know it sounds obvious but it's important, this will help keep the split ends at bay. You should talk to your stylist as to how often you should be coming in for a trim.
Remember its your hair, who are you going to trust?

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