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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Easy Straight = Easy Disaster Part 2
(the following is my own opinio, view and review of the product mentioned...except where noted the views are mine)
It seems that since the last time I discussed easystraight their website has changed, and now the video is newer and this time the model does it herself without help. Either way same product same disasterous results for many people.
I'm going to be honest while watching their online video I got lost at the diagnosis step, I cannot for the likes of me figure out the texture of my hair, is it medium, coarse, I don't know. My hair seems different when it is straight then when it is in its natural state, seems like the texture is different. Oh but easy straight doesn't mention in what state the hair should be in when diagnosing it. Nor does it mention anything about strength tests, but who cares, if you spend the money on the product. I don't mean what I'm about to say in any mean way, but clients aren't professionals and have a hard time diagnosong their hair....look at me I got lost in the diagnosis step. If you misdiagnose your hair then say disaster, oops you may have breakage or hair loss, but does the company really care? I'm not so sure, remember they want your money and it's your fault if you misdiagnose, they have a 1-800 number you can call and someone who cannot see your hair or touch it can help you diagnose it. But if you tell them wrong info it's still your fault. Their straightening experts cannot see your hair, so why trust them? Oh one other point if you watch the video carefully it says not to apply the step 2 cream to the scalp, but you can see the model got some on her head or very close to the scalp.

Okay I'm not going to re-post my previous post called "Easystraight=Easy disaster" you can read through it, it's detailed and includes my opinions and views, I wrote Steve's views (TR GURU) and the opinions and results of users, read it and see for yourself....I decided to write on this again as I read a question for Steve on it....I wanted to write what Steve wrote to her, as I think it's important and another reason why you should not try this product

"Here is the link and video demonstration of Easystraight I want you watch the video a few times and try to visualize that this person is you. Be honest with yourself. Does it really seem to you that this is the right thing to do? Do you really think that this is an at-home job? Please open your horizons and look beyond. See what other people cannot see or refuses to see. Now tell me, is this what you really want to do?
Look at it this way, according to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the resident population of the United States, projected to 28/May/2006 is 298,619,154. If a very tiny small fraction 0.003% (100,000.00) of the population will buy Easystraight at $29.95 a kit, that's about 3 million dollars income just to buy the kit! This of course is very good for the economy.
Ultimately, it is YOUR HAIR. Do you think that the company gives a hoot should you decide NOT to use it again? NO, because a NEW bunch of the population (100,000) will emerge and start using it anyway! So, year after year, after year, the sales percentage will stay about the same. You stop: They begin.
Take good care of yourself, and be nice to your hair, nice and good. Treat it with respect. Steve" courtesy & property of

Think hard about what Steve has said, and keep in mind people are having problems with professionals straightening their hair, what makes you the client/consumer think you can do it better. You are worse than a technician with no experience, you don't even understand the structure of hair and at least some colour technicians have a grasp of the structure of hair to a certain extent. You who knows nothing about hair think you can do a perfect at home straightening job when the so-called technicians are struggling to do it right, forget that technicians are having a hard time with TR, they are even messing up vertical smoothing (X-tenso's etc) Re-read my original post of Easystraight

Still think that product is a good idea?
"Remember it's your hair, who are you going to trust?"

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