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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hello again,
I read about this on a forum and I had to write about this, I couldn't help myself.
Apparently there is a new type of hairdressing scissor out there and the use of these scissors in hair cutting has been termed "thermo cutting" Let me give my two cents about these scissors and system.

Okay let me tell you about this system, basically the blades of the scissors are heated. There claim is that the heat will seal the hair, and that split ends will disappear...just a thought, but umm when you get a haircut aren't your split ends cut off, and in essence had disappeared...just an intelligent thought.

It says that "dull brittle hair will be regenerated" now how does that happen with a haircut since the scissors will only be touching the hair at the place it will be cut?
Claims that split hair will become healthy and hair will be more manageable to style....again umm yes the split end will be gone they are getting cut off. More manageable to style-doesn't that depend on the haircut? I mean the scissors can't make hair manageable trust me, the scissors on their own do nothing. You can put them on a table next to you and they won't can have a crappy haircut with those scissors and they won't make it manageable, it's the cut that makes hair manageable not the scissors! I mean if you get a cut that doesn't suit you it doesn't matter the kind of scissor, it will still not suit you and if you get a cut that isn't manageable for your hair type then the scissors your hair was cut with makes no difference

They are just scissors and on their own do nothing, it is your stylist that creates beautiful works of art with them. I wanted to post my initial comments on this that I had written to a poster.

Totally shaky to me....
I'm already feeling the marketing scheme coming on How on earth can a pair of scissor create more volume, shine, bounce and elasticity on their own? This stuff is achieved through the particular cut and not the scissors. As far as I know, it's important for the scissors to be sharp in order to cleanly cut through the hair, but that's about it. Why would the heat make a difference Call this weird and it is, but what is the heat going to do, I thought that heat damages the hair?

The self-regeneration of the hair is stimulated? What on earth? Are they trying to say that with these scissors hair growth will be stimulated? Hair grows from the roots not the ends. "if applied regularily the split ends will disappear" okay big DUH! When you get a haircut you are obviously getting the split ends cut away, but those scissors aren't going to PREVENT them! Seriously interesting and great marketing tactic..but highly doubt there is a difference.

There references to clients liking it....umm sure tell a client you got this great new tool and of course they want to know more. Here's a piece of psychology, take the placebo effect, if people think that the "sugar"pill they have been given is supposed to do x(insert whatever you want, ) then of course they will believe it is working and may actually be inclined to thinking it's doing something when its not, they may even think that it is affecting them, when all it is is a sugar pill. Real studies have been done on that...goes to show the power of the mind. All in all if they think it's going to do wonders then in their head they will see that result. Like when you really want something to work it does for you.... tell the client it will work, that's what they will think.

If a stylist claims that the scissors are the what is making the hair manageable, soft and split end free etc. they are they not just undermining their own work? It's the stylist that creates these looks with their talent, heated or not scissors don't move on their own, and a ton of great and sexy cuts have been achieved through regular cutting...many gorgeous heads of hair out there

Now stylists holding and moving with that thing? I doubt that's enjoyable for them, the cord doesn't seem that long and it seems to restrict the movement somewhat..... that's my two whole cents

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