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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Question " How do I restore my hair, its fried and dried out after to much blow drying and flat ironing"

Answer: Hair is dead, it only grows but cannot heal itself, and once you damage the interior structure you cannot correct it...but have no fear, you can make your hair look better.
The first step to start you off on the right foot is to get a good haircut...I'm serious, have your stylist get rid of those pesky dried out, fried out, split and broken hairs. You will notice a difference right away after the cut, your hair will already start to look healthier. Getting a haircut really does make a difference in the look of your hair, and sets you on the path to gorgeous locks.
Okay now onto the products....

First and foremost if you have to heat style your hair, iron or blow-dryer or both, please please, please, please, PLEASE use a heat protectant! This is very important when you heat style your hair. The job of the heat protectant is to prevent heat damage to your hair, so it acts like a barrier between your hair and the flat iron. It will not stop the damage, as product or not there is going to be some damage, but you will be reducing the damage. Also just as a side note, it will protect you from completely torching your hair.
Recommended product: Bedhead's Control Freak Serum, I live by this product, it is THE BEST ever! If I could carry only one hair care product it would be this! This baby not only protects your hair from heat damage, but it will "stomp out the frizz"! My hair is frizz prone, but since I started using Control Freak Serum, frizz doesn't stand a chance to even show up!
Control Freak is the best, protects your hair from the heat, prevents/eliminates frizz and prevents reversion (you know those times that it's really humid out and your straight hair goes curly, well not with Control Freak!)
I have to mention this, since I started using the product I have loved it! Have been using it for almost three years, ever since I met my stylist, he introduced it to me the very first day he did my hair and I've loved it since! p.s. it lasts a long time too, gone through almost two bottles in three years
Thanks Andrew for introducing me to this product! I love Bedhead's Control Freak Serum!

Okay sorry about that, but I love that product. Okay next let's talk shampoo and conditioners
First I recommend that you start using professional acid balanced salon brand hair care products (for everything not just shampoo and conditoner)
Make sure it's acid balanced as well... it should have a ph from 4.5-5.5
In the case of dried and fried out hair I think you should use either
1-Bedhead's Self-Absorbed Shampoo and also grab the Self-Absorbed Conditioner
2- Catwalk's Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo and Conditioner
Both great products, acid balanced, and yes in my hair care line.....

Next, you should use a deep treatment once a week MAXIMUM!
I think deep treatments are great ways to help get your hair back into shape (I swear that sounded like what's written on the back of the Self-Absorbed shampoo bottle )
Follow the directions for use on the bottle, but a great little tip is to wrap your hair with a warm towel after applying the deep treatment it will help open the cuticle and allow the product to get into the hair.
Leave the product on for the time mentioned and then rinse with cool water...not hot but cool, not super cold. This will help "lock" or seal the hair and close the cuticle.
Recommended products: Bedhead's Chocolate head and Bumble and Bumble's Deep
Out of the two I have to go for the Chocolate just seems to make my hair feel nicer, but yes it does smell like chocolate and the scent stays in the hair for like a day....
Both are great and I have tried and like them both.
I do want to add that you can use Bedhead's Dumb Blonde Reconstructor as a quick deep treatment, leave it on for 5-10 minutes, rinse and your done...did that on Sunday and my hair felt great!
Please do not use deep treatments more than once a week as you will make your hair's condition worse, alot of these treatments contain protein and too much protein in the hair will make it dry and brittle, so please don't overuse them!

Okay I am about to state the obvious now, but the less you heat style your hair the beter, If you can get away with reducing the amount of time you are heat styling then it's all the better...for example if you do it everyday try ironing it once every two days. At this point you should notbe washing your hair everyday as you will strip the natural oils from your hair. Every other day or every two days is good enough.

Okay so the re-cap
1- Start with a haircut...remove the split ends
2- If you must iron your hair use a heat protectant - Try:Bedhead's Control Freak Serum
3- Use an acid balanced shampoo and conditioner - Try: Bedhead's Self Absorbed or Catwalk's Oatmeal and Honey
4- Use a deep treatment once a week max - Try: Bedhead's Chocolate Head or Bumble and Bumble's Deep
5- Obvious but keep the ironing to a minimal and don't wash your hair everyday...every other day or every two is enough.

I just wanted to make a note, Bedhead Products can be found in any Toni&Guy salon or a salon that carries their brand. Both Bedhead and Bumble and Bumble products can be located through their websites for your closest location(s)
In regards as to why I recommend the products I do, these are products that I have used and from trusted brands. I came to know the Toni&Guy product line (Bedhead, Catwalk) through my stylist and learned alot from the wonderful people who would e-mail information. I also learned B&B's Deep from my stylist.
These are wonderful products that I have tried and personally believe in, I have used all these products and frankly I own them all...I have quite a few Bedhead products to be honest. These are products that I have researched alot about as well...I would only report those products which I have used and know about, this is the best way to teach you what works and what they are for.

You are free to try products from other lines, I am not familiar with them but as long as they are professional salon brands, go ahead....but you know my recommendations, if you like ask your stylist they can recommend and show you how to use the brand they sell in the salon.

Good night and Good luck and Have a Great Hair Day Always

Remember: "It's your hair who are you going to trust?"

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