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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hello again all,
This past week has been nutty, lots of studying for these crazy exams, but I'll be honest I'm happy when I'm done them, it's like one down two to go....
Okay this is off topic, but I bought Jergens natural glow, and the stuff smells and I can't stand whole house smells and my legs smell and so does my room. Okay so I applied it in my room and the smell persisted and I though well I'll spray some body spray...big mistake, now I don't know which smelled worse, the body spray or the Natural glow. Okay it's day one, but the smell is bad for someone who applied very little with a tissue! I don't really like getting my hands dirty with something that can "colour" my hands. I'll soon see, I'll try again tomorrow, I have two weeks basically till my big day, so we'll see about the natural glow, if it still smells bad like this tomorrow, forget it. I'm now opting for Sally Hansen spray on legs....I'll apply it with a tissue too, no hands!
Okay tonights post, I can't believe the stuff that I read online, I really really can't. I just don't understand some people...this stems from a post I read online about a girl who had TR done...the story goes like this, she had her tr done and she waited 48 hours and then washed her hair and it reverted to curls, but she also mentioned that she had quite a bit of breakage. Here's the part that irked me, she was thinking about letting that same technician re-do it again for her, but she's not sure if she should put her hair through that damage again.
First and foremost I have to say one thing before I litterally get into the post....the first thing is it's not 48 hours its 72 hours. The whole 72 hour waiting time to wash is to ensure that the hair has in essence "locked" into it's new position and that the bonds have been "set" Remember that after the TR service the bonds are still soft and need to's like glue, after TR the glue is wet and needs time to harden, the "glue" will take 72 hours to settle approximately. Some people's hair will harden faster than others, but to be safe an expert technician will say 72 hours. This ensures that the hair has locked into it's new shape.
Okay now I am going to tear into this girl and hopefully knock some darn sense into her.
Firstly this girl had a BOTCHED TR, that's right, botched, the hair should not revert and worse the hair should not break.
Look, let's be honest the technician is still way too new at this, obviously not educated or trained well enough to do the process correctly if not you would not have had experienced this problem.
I'm gonna tell you all that too many technician get trained with a dvd or a one or two day seminar, would you let your hair stylist cut your hair after watching a dvd or attending a two day seminar having known nothing prior to that about cutting hair? I know you won't, with TR the effects of a botched service are worse, you can damage the hair follicle itself and worse cause permanent reduction.
I wonder if shetook the time to interview the technician properly? Did he or she even test herr hair? TR and all chemical services should have a thorough consultation, the hair should have been tested, and you should have asked the technician tons of questions, please refer to the other parts of my site that deal with the TR technician interview questions and other sections dealing with TR or you can visit Steve's site,
Also the hair should have gone through tests, that's right, a porosity test, elasticity test and a structural test. The technician should have asked her about her hair, any issues she has and the sort.
Sounds to me like she never had that....don't put your hair through that kind of situation again, he or she botched it once and will do it again, you aren't a teaching tool for them!
Realize that breakage is NOT part of the results, this girl got breakage and is thinking about letting that person re-do it? What the heck is she thinking! I'm just wondering if she just wants more breakage or if she has any clue that this technician is not well-versed with TR or if she just doesn't know that breakage is NOT part of the TR process...None the less re-doing the hair is a big NO NO. He or she doesn't really understand the science behind Tr, don't be the teaching tool, go to someone who knows what they are doing and understands TR.

Don't just trust technicians that post on beauty boards and say things, because there is such a thing as copy and paste and a technician Dianne does that all the time with Steve's work, she copies the stuff and then when questioned about it or asked to explain it she can't....she can't becuase she is clueless about what she wrote, she copied and pasted it, but if you ask Steve he can explain what he wrote because he wrote it! See they can seem smart and knowledgeable but may not be, do not trust people unless you thoroughly interview them and are sure that they answered your questions thoroughly. I just can't understand people, some just jump into any technicians chair that says "sure I do tr" just because they say they do it doesn't make them any good.

You know how hard it is to find a great stylist or colourist or what not, TR is a billion times harder when it comes to finding someone great, this stuff is still new and the training offered is crap, think about it. All salons are interested in the TR service because it's an expensive service, and yup they can rack in the money. Most clients don't notice a problem when they leave the salon it's after they are home or after the first wash or first few days or weeks, see the issue, then it turns into client vs. technican + salon.......and once the damage is done there is nothing the technician or salon can really do to fix it. Once done the TR process can't be undone, if the breakage is happening then it's going to happen, no product can fix it, products can slow it and try to salvage any good hair but it can't make it the way it was before the TR. You want the technician that can answer your questions properly, someone whose been doing TR for years, who understands the science behind the art...believe it or not the ironing process is harder than it looks....I've seen Steve Tcherkezian do this and I was surprised at the skill it takes, it's not the way I normally iron my hair, much more caution was taken and it's all about holding the iron at the correct angle and knowing how to properly do the ironing technique. It's not just flat iron decently it's got to be perfect, because you are forming the hair in it's new position and if not done correctly there will be bends!

I'm sure this post has come off as harsh, but it's not that I mean it to be that way, okay in a sense I do. I'm trying to educate people and get clients to open up their eyes to what they are doing. Many clients are becoming technicians practice tools at an expensive price in two ways...first the money you pay for the service, and secondly the damage that is done to the hair, including breakage, and hair loss and in some cases follicle damage. Also keep in mind that it will take approximately two years to grow out the TR (assuming that your hair is a bit below your shoulders, hair grows approx 1/4-1/2 inch per month) Just think about the damage, ask any girl with a botched TR if she regrets it, and the heartache of having to deal with breakage or hair loss.

I'm saying that you have to open up your eyes and do your research educate yourself about TR and try to understand the process to a certain extent. Interview the technician using the interview sheet and consultation sheet here on my site or Steve's site. Read through the information on both sites and ask questions if you are not sure. Ensure that you are getting the best information about the service you can, before making a decision have an interview with the technician, don't just go with a technician because you read something they wrote online, I told you about the copy and paste situation with another technician....Interview them and ask them to clariffy things for you and explain all of it to you, in detail, ask them to rephrase what they said if you don't understand it, ask for the scientific information if you want...learn everything and question everything, a good technician can tell you the truth about it. Read through Steve Tcherkezian's site, not just because I'm telling you to, but because the man is a GURU, the man has been doing chemical hair straightening for 25 years, has gone to many seminars including hair symposiums, knows the structure of hair and is an industry leader. The man stays up at night to post replies to people on his boards and help people with their TR disasters. Need I say more about Steve? Well I will, the man is considered the best by so many, he is recommended by so many, I call him a GURU, others call him that too....he's the best of the best, ask his clients and ask those who have turned to him for help after a tr gone wrong, just read the forum on his site.
Again here's his site link (it's also on your left hand side in "links")

I wrote this post in hopes that I could educate some of you out there and open your eyes to the reality of TR and to show you that just because someone says they can do it doesn't mean they understand it at all. I don't want to read any more botched TR stories (although I will) the girl had one and was thinking about another with that same technician---just a disaster in the making. She needs to smarten up and stop playing practice tool for this technician.
I want people to educate themselves about TR and really understand it and find the best technician they can, and if they can't find one in there area and won't travel then forget it. Don't risk it, it's your hair and you will pay the price. If you are a girl you know that your hair is important to know how you'd feel if your cut or colour didn't come out right, but image TR, a billion times worse when done wrong because unlike a cut or colour, it's hard and sometiems impossible to fix a botched TR. Once the damage is done to the structure that's it, it's done. Colour and cuts can be corrected much more don't want to live with breakage or hair loss or the worst hair follicle damage that results in reduction (less hair growing from there)
You want the best and you DESERVE the best! Stop playing practice toy and get a technician who understands, research and realize YOU are the one who suffers if it's done wrong. You may get your money back, but you can't get your hair back to the condition it was in prior to TR, you'll have to wait and grow it all out. Be smart open your eyes...seee the truth and stop jumping into random technicians chairs because they say they know what they are doing. Stop believing they can fix a botched tr, if they couldn't get it right the first time who knows what worse disaster is coming for you. Be smart, be educated, research, ask questions, interview, consult and get the best because you deserve it.

For the BEST information on TR please visit Steve's site, as all I have learned about TR and vertical smoothing and the structure of hair in general I have learned from Steve. I am appreciative to him for all the help and guidance, truly a star and one of a kind. Here's the addy again.

Good night and take care and remember:
"It's your hair, who are you going to trust?"

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