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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hello everyone,
I know I was missing in action last week, got caught up in so many things, but thankfully they are done.
You know spring is coming (I'm from Toronto, Canada) when you can roll down the windows of your car, I mean all the way down, even on both sides. This past Sunday I was driving and the weather was just so nice I had to open the windows in my car. There was a nice breeze coming through, and of course I was totally happy to know that spring was coming. The best part was driving on the highway with the windows down! I loved the feel of the wind through my hair, especially on the highway, it was just blowing around, it was awesome! I love that feeling! Anyways so tonight I thought, well spring is here (or around the corner) and I hear people talking about "trends" what about we go....
I for one am not into following hardcore hair know the ones that say curls are in or straight is in, or that long is in or short? I don't really tend to go with those trends, why you ask? Well because personally I love my straight hair and I like it on the long side.
I believe that while your haircut should be up to date (by this I mean you aren't stuck in the 80's or 60's, you know teasing your hair or making it super huge) but that whatever you have done to it you do it for two reasons
1- because it suits you and
2-because YOU want it
I think that no matter the trends you have to realize that what is the current trend may not suit you....for example some people don't suit short spikey hair, or short hair in general very well, I being one of those people. So if short was in I wouldn't exactly be running the salon desiring to have my long locks chopped off........I think that with trends you cannot follow them to a T, you have to realize that some of these trends may suit you while others may not. However that does not exclude you from participating in them, you can still go with the general trend, like if short is in, it doesn't mean you need to chop off your long locks, maybe you should get some shorter layers put into it...or maybe cut off a few inches, instead of the usual one you get trimmed. See what I mean? You don't have to follow them to a T, but you can go with the general idea of them.
I think that no matter what the trend you should go for what it is you want for your hair...why let some magazine dictate to you exactly how you should look? If the trend is long and you are happy with your short hair, and don't want to put in extensions then keep the short hair. Make sure that you are also keeping in mind the amount of time you are willing to spend on your hair, some haircuts are require more maintance than if you don't have the 30 minutes that it would take you to have that cut, then don't get it! Simple as that....
You should always discuss the new ideas or trend with your stylist/technician, he or she can help you best decide what will work for you, not only for your face shape, but for your lifestyle.
I have to say this....I remember when Thermal Reconditioning made a huge splash in the hair world, this was something new in North America when it first became popular some years seemed to me that everyone was running out to get their hair tr'd. Clients just ran to the first technician and salon that offered the service without even thinking about it, and without doing their homework...many heads of hair were ruined this way, way too many horror stories. Now it seems that TR has become for those truly keen on having the process rather than the world over. Clients did not think about the maintance, no it was just about having the latest thing, like a new piece of technology. Clients didn't worry much about learning about the process, it was like "hey it will make my hair permanently straight" (yes until your roots grow in and then it's your natural curl/wave pattern and too keep it straight you will need to touch it up maybe 1-3 times a year) and because of their lack of knowledge, and the lack of experience of technicians there were many unhappy clients. Also some clients shortly after having the process regreted having it done as they "missed their curls"
See what I mean about trends? You shouldn't just do something because some magazine or whatever tells you "hey that's in style, you gotta have it." You should be thinking about YOU! Is this what YOU want, is this something that YOU have thought about, and is it just something you wany becasue "everyone else" has it or someone says it is in style? I must also note, of those that get their long locks cut off some actually regret doing it, because they "miss" their long hair.
So regardless of what the hot hair trends are this year, before running to the salon to get it done, actually think about it, will this cut suit me? do I have the time to maintain it at home? do I have the time to go to the salon for proper maintance? Is this something I really want or want because "it's in style" ?
Think about it and good luck!

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