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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hello everyone,
I hope you all caught the Grammy's opening act Madonna of course, did you see how awesome her hair looked? Okay I admit it, it made me want to go get my hair straightened professionally....getting a blow-dry at the salon every so often is okay, I mean why not treat yourself? I loved the flip on her too...she looked awesome! I hope you've seen her new video Sorry, it's awesome, her hair looks gorgeous there too!
I thought tonight I'd talk a bit about TR again, there is something there that is totally interesting to me about it. I thought to myself, well I always mention to go have a consultation with the technician before getting the service because well, the consultation will tell you alot about the technician and that a strand test during the consultation is a must. Well what happens when you have limited knowledge of TR but have conflicting answers to the questions on your interview sheet....This is truly a problem.
So what do you do when you have conflicting opinions or responses? In the case of TR there is no case of opinions, TR is straight out science's chemicals and they react in certain ways and are able to do only so much.
So let's say you get someone telling you that despite the fact that your hair has been relaxed in the past with a lye relaxer they can perform Tr (which contains thioglycolate) but it's a matter of experience or using a protectant product....another technician says that it cannot be done because lye + thiogylcolate = chemical haircut where they meet!
Now who do you believe?
Many people are so excited to get TR done they forget the importance of research, for those who have been told that their hair cannot receive the TR service always seem to looking for someone who will tell them that their hair can. It seems to be a fact about human nature, when we want something and someone tells us "no" we look for someone who will say "yes". Remember as a child, if mom said "no" you'd run to dad who you hoped would say "yes"? We are still this way, we want and yet we do not understand some of the affects that these desires if fulfilled can have. We do this with TR, we want the impossible to be possible. Despite the fact hair that has been relaxed with a sodium or guadium hydroxide relaxer(lye and no-lye) cannot have a TR (the previously sodium or gaudium relaxed hair must be cut off!) people still want to hear "yes" and people seem more comforted when they hear that it's a matter of experience.
The truth of the matter is that there is no such component of experience, see if they were really experienced they would know that sodium or guadium relaxed hair will break off when it comes in contact with the thioglycolate. So let's say that you have virgin hair from roots till your shoulder and the shoulder and below was relaxed with a sodium hydroxide relaxer. Say you get TR, the hair will break at your shoulders, where the sodium hydroxide meets the thioglycolate it will break, it may not happen right away, but over the course of a few days or a week it will break off, not all at once but in stages.
Just a side note, depilitories for hair removal contain sodium hydroxide and you see those ingredients make in essence Nair or Neet...those two ingredients melt the hair....get the point?
Sure you can say well it's been relaxed over a year ago, the chemicals don't realize this. It's as simple as knowing that blue and yellow when mixed make green...that blue could have been there for ages but it will still make green!
You really need to do your research become aware of the TR system itself educate yourself about the products, the ingredients the do's and don'ts so when you do come in contact with conflicting opinions you will know what to case you need some advice feel free to write me and I will do my bes to help you out with it.
TR is still very new but it's a huge money maker for technicians and salons to learn, research and please do your best, and realize if it can't be done today, there will be a time it can be. You'll be glad you waited and researched right.
I will be posting the answers to the interview questions over the next week, this way you can get a better idea about the answers to them and what to expect.
Have a great hair day always and Remember
"It's your hair, who are you going to trust?"

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