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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hello again everyone,
This week has been so busy for me, many assignments and things to do, the good ol' agenda has gotten some great use this week, not that I don't use it often but much more this week. I want to announce two things totally unrelated to hair,
1- MADONNA HAS MADE IT OFFICIAL SHE IS GOING ON TOUR (I knew she was going to when they said who the producer would be online but she finally officated it on Ellen)
2-MADONNA WAS THE OPENING ACT OF THE GRAMMY'S - BEST OF THE NIGHT! She opened with the Gorillaz, but on the note of hair...Wow Madonna's hair looked awesome for the Grammy's so straight and shiny, makes me want to go to the salon to get my hair done right now!!!!
Okay now onto the hair stuff...
Let's discuss hair colour....I have written an extensive post about why it is better to get it done at the salon rather than at home which you can read, it's really a great read. Just keep in mind, that $10 box of colour will cost you about $100 to get it fixed should it go wrong...$100 is the average starting price of colour correction.
Okay let's discuss the kinds of colour..
Semi-permanent colour - Basically adds colour without changing the natural colour much, these "wash out" in approximately 6-12 shampoo's, and just basically enhances your colour and can cover grey.
Demi-permanent colour-Lasts longer than semi-permanent colour approximately 24-26 shampoos
Something very important to note about semi-permanent and demi-permanent colour first of all these will not lighten your hair, to lighten the hair you will need to have it bleached. Also when these types of colour products say they "wash out" in a certain amount of shampoo's beware....if your hair is permed, relaxed, thermally reconditioned it will become permanent. If you hair has already been coloured and are applying a semi or demi permanent colour over top it will be permanent. I for one do not believe that the semi or demi permanent colour really washes out, if it coloured your hair then it had to have some sort of permanence even if just subtly. People may beg to differ though.
Permanent colour - probably the most popular and most used type of colour. This is used when you want a colour change This type can luighten your hair though if you want to go from black to blonde you will have to go through what is called a double process (more on that next) This type of colour is, as implied by the name, permanent, it cannot be washed out.
Double process- this is when people dramatically want to change their colour, like someone who wants to go from black hair to blonde hair...the hair is bleached completely and then blonde a toner is added (in the case that someone wants to go blonde) So the colour is removed or bleached and then a toner orthe colour that the client desires in the end is applied.
Toner - This is what is used when hair has been bleached to a light yellow, it will even out the bleaching effects and get the colour to a particular shade.
Again I firmly believe that hair colour is best left to the professionals, who knows what disasters one can cook up with "at home colour"-----disregarding that colour correction is expensive (about 1o times as much as that box of colour) think about how weird it would feel for you to have to walk into a salon to get your colour fixed because your hair turned out to be a lovely shade of orange instead of that dreamy colour on the box.....Oh and think again if the hair colour models in the commercials actually colour their hair at home...I mean really, would a celebrity colour their hair at home? No, but the funny thing is many advertise that home colour they have never tried.
I hope this has helped you understand the differenty types of colour there are, and I hope it helps you make a decision when talking with your technician about the colour service you are going to have and how long you want it to last.

Have a great hair-day always and remember
"It's your hair, who are you going to trust?"

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