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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hello everyone,
Tonight I write laying on my bed, yes the internet cables reach after much detangling...and I'm listening to some Coldplay, I love Clocks, I love how they incorporate the piano in most of their songs...
I had another salon day this morning, a blow-dry and my eyebrows done, I have something I'm doing this week and I wanted to look hot,....okay I always want to look hot...I felt hot today.
Something sparked my mind today, so I decided to write about it....
I have written many times that as beauty professionals you have the greatest jobs in all the world, and I believe it's true. Why is it however that many do not realize so? I mean is it something that is realized but kept silent or something just hard to believe?
I'll explain in detail....Beauty industry professionals I write this for you now.....
I emphasize many times that you have an amazing power, ability or talent, call it what you will, but do not forget that you can turn a frown into a smile and you have the power to make dreams come true!

When clients come in to see you, it can be for many reasons, they don't just come in when they need a service, heck we can pick when we want a service, and there are many services we can just have without really needing them! Sure we come to you when we need a touch up, a trim or whatever it may be....Ever thought we come to you for more?
Ever thought that sometimes clients come to you just to feel better about themselves? We, like anyone else in the world, have bad days, weeks, and sometimes we just want to feel good again, we want to be pampered. Sometimes life doesn't work in a clients favour, it may be something to do with work, a relationship, family member, friend, school etc. and it just gets us down. Sometimes when we just want that little bit of joy, to have someone pamper us, pay attention to us, make us laugh, make a smile shine through that frown, we turn to you....
I'll admit it, I do it......Somedays I just don't feel great about myself, and of course when I want to feel better about myself I go get my hair done....Andrew what would I do without you? Do yyou have any idea how awesome I feel after some time at the salon, getting your eyebrows done, getting your hair done, having someone else do my hair, having someone take care of you, make you look "shiny and new" (Okay now I've got Like a Virgin stuck in my head...I want a gondola!!)Now I let out my little secret....
I read an excerpt from a book that I have been trying so hard to find a copy of in stores, and it's quite sad, but to keep it short, (haha, like this post or any posts on this site are short) this one client was having a difficult time in her life, she wanted to end her life and she went to her stylist to make herself beautiful before she took her life, and because of him she didn't take her life. (I knew I couldn't get through writing this without tearing up) He listened to her, made her stay at the salon pleasurable and memorable. This is from "My Life As A DayMaker" by David Wagner.....I want this book so bad!!!!!!! You see what I'm talking about? Tell me that is not a story that brings tears to your eyes? That it doesn't make you think, what if that was your client? Does it make you see the importance of what you do?....You may never know the day a client like that or similar to that walks in to see you....You can make the difference if you choose too. That's one of the reason's why you have the coolest job in the world, how many other careers can do that? No doctor, no mediator, psychologist could do that, people don't always realize that sometimes people just want someone to pay attention to them, to make them feel good about themselves, sometimes people just want someone to talk to....
Sometimes people hope for a dream come true, and sometimes they get more than that....they get to be goddess' of their prom.....they get to know beauty for the first time since they can remember, I'm glad I got to experience that.....many eternal thanks!

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