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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Look good, Feel good" - Toni&Guy philosophy
So I decide to start off this blog entry with a Toni&Guy philosophy, a true one, one that I firmly believe in. Don't you ever just have one of those days that you just feel like you don't look good, ever notice how you don't seem to feel so good or confident on days like that? Trust me I relate, yesterday was like "crap I'm having a bad hair day, but tomorrow I'm getting it done" and this morning my hair still didn't co-operate with me...but haha, I won! I went to the salon today (yeah!) yup, Allan Parss, to see Andrew(my stylist) and Jessica(my esthetician)....okay I walk in like a big hair refused to co-operate with me and my eyebrows looked like they were messy too....walk out, "holy crap, where the heck is my tiara or my crown" which translates to I look amazing, I totally feel like a goddess, I feel on top of the world, I feel great about myself, my confidence is back up to "full" and I feel that I look amazing! My eyebrows look awesome and my hair is back to perfectionist straight and the ends look great...Okay my hair is soooo shiny I love it! To begin my visit, I get my eyebrows done, seriously despite the slight pain it feels nice to know that in the end they will be the beautiful frame for your eyes. After that I get to have my hair washed, oh man I love those chairs! That massage is soooo nice, the more I think about it I still feel it, totally relaxes me. After that something different this time, my hair gets dried and straightened (as I always have it straight) and then get my haircut....this time Andrew cut my hair dry, my first time having it cut dry, somehow though it makes the ends stand out more, the whole texturized look stands out more this way, and I love it. It is somewhat different than before the shape in the back changed! It's no longer a "v" shape but now more of a "U" shape, but still have the layers, just less like a "v" and more like a "u" I love the attention and all the laughs---where else does a girl go for this much attention? I fell in love with my hair all over again....I feel amazing about myself...and the best part is after leaving walking towards the subway I get a compliment from a stranger....that makes it all the more better! There's just something about getting all done up at the salon that makes a girl feel super sexy...
There is so much I notice at the salon that I often think about.....watching and hearing the way the staff interacts with eachother is just amazing, it's like they are a "family" they seem so close and are there to help eachother out. Sometimes I wonder to myself, why it is that not all places of employment are like that.....but I guess that is something special in itself, something that takes commitment and team spirit, something that is somewhat unique. I hope to someday expience a workplace like that.
Sometimes I wonder to myself, where does self-confidence come from? Is it in a pretty box all wrapped up? (obviously not but) Tell me if it's inside then how is it that it can fluctuate, go up and down, you know those days you feel totally amazing and then those days that you feel not so great. Sometimes I like to think of it as a little gift, as I believe beauty is a gift.......we may not always feel totally wonderful about ourselves, the way we think about ourselves, including how we look affects our self-confidence. Sometimes I think I forget what it's like to feel that amazingly beautiful....especially on those days where x won't work out the way I want it to, or some thing I notice starts to bug me. You know something, when I go get my hair and brows done I just feel incredibly amazing's the whole experience including the end result that just makes me feel on top of the world....I walk around with a huge smile on my face...I feel like I'm a goddess, like I can do anything....I swear it to you, it's the most amazingly wonderful feeling in the whole world. Some people I don't think realize that, maybe it's because they've always felt beautiful...but for me I know what it's like to feel unattractive, and until that magical day where my dream came true..prom I never knew beauty..prom for me was the start of knowing,feeling and looking beautiful. That day I knew the amazing power of beauty and it's effects...what a little bit of trust and the right person can do for you........there's just this amazing feeling inside that I cannot explain, that feeling of being beautiful, that feeling of confidence in doing things I didn't think I could, a feeling that just makes you smile and feel so appreciative and permanently in debt. It's one of the first times I've ever written about my experience so deeply....and I ask myself why I write this here, maybe it's me writting this in my prom dress (I couldn't help it) maybe it's the smell of the hair care product in my hair (smells nice) but maybe it's to show something, - the power of beauty, and how the littlest of things in this world can make such a difference, how a person can make a difference, how a person's life can be changed by simply making them look good. How what may be little to you may mean the world to someone else.....For the client- remember that moment where you just felt amazing about what you saw when you left the salon, regardless of the service you had done, remember that feeling? Appreciate it and say thank you often. For the beauty professional, realize the immense power that you do hold, you can turn a frown into a smile, you can make someone feel better about themselves, you can change their life, and you can make a clients dream come true.
Look good, Feel Good

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