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Thursday, December 08, 2005

TR & the Internet
Hello everyone, tonight I again feel the need to address TR and the things that people find out online, there are things that need to be said so that you, the client can make the best choice for you, your money and your hair!
The internet is a great tool for finding information about TR, there are so many sites that talk about TR and some salons that offer the service have information about it on their site which is great but you need to read this. Someone pointed out a salon website that had a section on TR, and I decided to check it out, low and behold there was a section called FAQ's and rightfully so, clients have so many questions about TR, since many are very uneducated about the service and because it is still fairly new for most people. So on this site I started noticing something, some questions and answers seemed so familiar to me....then I realized why they looked familiar, it was because they were the same questions and answers that Steve has on his FAQ section of his site! I compared some of the questions and answers and some were exactly the same word for word, others were slightly altered or had things added to them, but nonetheless the same! I thought to myself oh my gosh, that is plagarism (remember in school when you had to quote your sources and how it is a huge academic crime to pass off work as your own when it is not? In universities/colleges you can be kicked out or receive a mark of 0 (zero)!) Then I began to wonder why they would do such a thing, I mean if you are as good at doing TR as you say then why are you copying and pasting someone elses answers? Then it came to me, maybe they are not as good as they say....maybe they just don't understand the science behind the art of TR, they may know how to do the process but maybe don't understand what is happening at each to me they were not experts, because experts can explain their understanding without copying and pasting from someone else...Then this hit me: Maybe they are trying to make their salon look good and the staff seem like experts, yes a little boost in the image of the salon.....Read the questions and answers and tell me they don't sound professional or that it doesn't make you think "hey they must be good look at what they know" - Please however do not let yourself get fooled into it that easily......
I just want to mention that not only have I seem answers from Steve copied and pasted on some salon sites, I've seen them copied and pasted on other beauty boards and of course these people all pass it off as something that they know...funny how they know but can't say it in their own words isn't it?
It's important for you as a client to be aware that some technicians and websites will have answers that are copied and pasted from Steve's site, but other sites as well...I've also seen some sites that post the manufacturer's information sheet...the one that tells the stylists what the product does and what it's good yes they use the company literature to inform you the client, all while trying to make themselves seem like they know. Please do not get me wrong I do think that there are tr technician's out there who do understand and know what they are doing and there are technicians who do a beautiful TR service...I'm just warning you about the numerous bad apples.
So regardless of what you read on the internet or some site or even what you read or hear from referals don't forget that one of the best tools that you, as a client have, is the power to have a consultation and interview the technician! It's wonderful that the internet may have helped you get an idea of a salon or technician that you would like to have perform your TR, but the next step is to set up a consultation with that technician, you should use Steve Tcherkezian's "TR interview sheet" and "consultation sheet"
They will help you ask the technician the right questions during the consultation and feel free to add your own to the list! I also recommend that you educate yourself about TR - how the service is performed, what results you should expect and what to look out for etc. I think the best place or internet site shall I say, to get all the TR information you need is from Steve Tcherkezian's website Steve is truly a TR guru, (well a chemical straightening guru) and he is one of my hair guru's.....He is the most knowledgeable person that I know of out there who really understand's hair and chemicals straightening,he is just an amazing man who has received much praise for his work.
So remember to not believe in everything that you read, all the information you read may just be a copy and paste of someone elses work, as a client familiarize yourself with the service and interview the technician, make sure that they really do understand the science behind their art....with hair services in general it's up to the client to make the choice, all these salons and stylists/technicians are in competition with eachother for you. So you need to educate yourself and have a consultation (they are free) then think it over and make a decision.....
Remember........It's your hair, who are you going to trust?

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