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Monday, November 21, 2005

Hello everyone, tonight I address this both to the client and to the stylist, as both can and hopefully will benefit

"where to buy products: which is the best place?"
You know that as a client you can go where ever it is you would like to go to buy your haircare products. Now I have mentioned before and will say it again, drugstore brand products are not good and professional salon brand (I mean ones that are sold in salons) products are just so much more superior...I'll name some companies who have great products, my absolute hands down favourite is TIGI (the creators of Bedhead, Catwalk and S-factor), Andrew(one of my hair guru's) is a fan of Bumble and Bumble (although he still likes Bedhead!) and Steve (my other hair guru) loves Redken. As far as I know these are three great product lines, all with acid balanced products with pH levels from 4.5-5.5, which again is what they are supposed to be, remember the mantle of the hair is slightly acidic. Drugstore brand products have cheap ingredients , harsh cleanser and do not perform as well as do high quality salon products, as the ones I have mentioned above. If you want further information, or to refresh your mind about quality hair care products please read my post entitled "Damage" posted on January 5, 2005. (you will have to scroll down to find the post)
Having mentioned the importance of choosing quality,professional salon brand products, I know turn to where to buy them. You can go into any mall and you will probably find a trade secret, beauty supply outlet or salon that sells the product you are looking for. Should you buy it from there? My answer is NO! I'll explain....
1- Firstly you should be talking to your stylist about your hair care regimine, your stylist can and will advise you of the products that you should be using according to your hair type, condition and services that you have had done. If you have two separate people who cut and colour your hair, one of them should be able to tell you the product to use, obviously if you colour you want to protect your colour, so something for coloured hair or that prevents it from fading is in order. Your stylist can help you choose the right products for you, because he or she can see and knows your hair, or can analyze it for you.
2-Despite what you think people in these beauty supply chains have no idea about what product is right for you. They are just sales people and not many of them know anything about the products they are selling. Sure you can tell them I need a clariffying shampoo and they can point one out, or you can tell them your hair has been coloured and they will show you a shampoo to prevent it from fading. Ask them about the difference from brand to brand of for example clariffying shampoo and they can't tell you. They know the bare bones of the products they are selling. Some of these beauty supply store sell so many different brands it's hard to keep up knowledge, a good sense of knowledge on any of them. Face it, they are not stylists and cannot analyze your hair the way you think or wish they could. They don't have any history on your hair, and go by what you tell them, many of them barely understanding the science of hair. I do not mean this to insult anyone, this is my opinion.
3-Now for why I wouldn't buy from a salon that sells many brands...there are salons that sell more than two brands, some salons have a small area that is like a mini store. They carry the best selling products of quite a few product lines and the sad part is you probably won't find what you are looking for, or will be coaxed into thinking you need x, because that is what they have. Again most times the person running the little store is no better than the people at these beauty supply stores, I doubt you will ever get to talk to a real stylist.
What if you don't like the products your salon carries or have a brand you want to try?
Now going to a salon that specifically sells your brand is a fairly good idea. If you don't like the brand that your stylist recommended or have a brand in mind this is a good idea. You have some chance of actually talking to a stylist about your hair's needs, here's a secret, go when it would not be very busy, for instance go on a Monday or Sunday and try to go in the morning or early afternoon. If you visit the salon when it's not so busy your chances of actually talking to a stylist are pretty good. This way if you talk to a stylist he or she can give you an idea of the product that you are looking for and that your hair needs, they will ask you quite a few questions so be ready to answer them, and answer them honestly. You can also ask to talk to a stylist, sometimes I see stylists sitting around in salons with nothing to do, so if you make it in at a time that the salon isn't totally busy you can ask a stylist for help (you can tell the receptionist you'd like a stylist to help you with a product) I also think that if you go to a salon where they sell one brand (best) or two the receptionist would have quite the fair bit of knowledge on the products, since they will probably be asked about it, but if you can ask a stylist then do so.
Again it is best to talk to your stylist about your hair's issues and needs, because your stylist knows your hair best and can advise you on products that are right for you. If you don't like the line they recommend or have a line in mind then go to a salon that specifically sells that brand, not one of those places that sells like 50 brands. A rule of thumb, salons shouldn't be carrying more than two (2) brands of products, this way they can truly grasp their products and understand how they work. As a lover of TIGI products and a person who is so interested in hair and hair care I have come to learn the Bedhead line extremely well and have tried many products. I think that TIGI is one of the most versatile companies who tailors their products to all hair types, textures and issues. Bedhead tailors to every possible hair need, and Catwalk is more for those people with curly hair (or those who curl it), and S-factor is for those with straight hair (or those like me who straighten their hair and dream of permanently straight hair...someday soon!)
I hope this helps you all out, and stylists talk to your clients about products and what they should be using, inform them of their hair type. Clients shouldn't feel that they are completely clueless about their hair and what to use. Help clients and guide them to choose the right products and in your salon carry a line that you believe in and really enjoy. Use your line on the clients this way clients can experience the product first hand.

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