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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Question: Help, I don't know what to do, the last few times I went to have my haircut she does not make my hair even, one side tends to be a bit longer than the other or I have a random piece (or two) that are longer than the rest of my hair. I never say anything to her, I think I should go to another stylist, what do you think I should do? -Needing advice!

Answer: This is, in my opinion, an interesting issue that you are dealing with, the answer however is simple.
First of all you should be telling your stylist if she is missing pieces of hair or you have "holes" in your hair (FYI - holes are when there are pieces of hair shorter than the rest, it kinda makes the hair look like it has a hole in it...technical stylist lingo)
Second, their should not be "a piece or two" of hair that is longer (or shorter) than the rest, this is obviously something on the part of your stylist.
Now I should tell you that your stylist should be checking to make sure that your hair is proportionate or even before drying the hair, so right after s/he has finished the cut just to make sure and then once again after the hair is dry. The hair should be even and proportionate after the cutting is done.
Curly hair is a bit harder for some stylists to work with, but it's not impossible to make it even. There are tricks of the trade I'm sure to make it easy for stylists to work with curly hair....if the hair is wet then there should not be a problem for cutting curly hair evenly and proportionately.
I hate to say this, but if your stylist has been giving you problems as you descibe about the cut being uneven then your stylist does not know how to cut hair! However if this is something that just started happening or is random (one cut is fine and the next it's not) then truth be said, your stylist is getting sloppy. She is not putting in the required time, effort and care into making your cut perfect and beautiful, she may be rushing through it or doesn't really care.
If this problem has been recurring or happens randomly your stylist may think that you are her client forever....little does she realize however that you, being the client have the power to go to anyother stylist, there is nothing that is preventing you from going somewhere else. Your stylist is making a big mistake if she thinks that just because you have been seeing her x amount of times that you will be her loyal client forever no matter how good or bad the cut. Truth be said you have the power to go elsewhere and with the cuts she is giving you I am surprised that you have not gone elsewhere yet.
Stylists make no mistake clients will leave you if you do a poor (okay I'll say it crappy) job on the service....clients have the power to stay your client or move you need to be giving 100% all the time and every time!
My advice to you is to go to another have given her enough chances and she does not deserve another chance, you deserve better. I mean what is the point of you paying for a cut that doesn't even come out evenly? I hope that you are not paying a hefty price for such a terrible service. Go to another salon and have a consultation with one of their stylists and see what you think, have a few consultations before settling on one stylist and once you have found one you like and think suits you and your hair's needs book an appointment.
You know I never understood why a stylist who knows what they are doing would go and do less than 100% of a good job...why would a stylist jepordize the client (who puts money in their pocket) and their reputation by not performing a service, in this case, a haircut correctly.
Don't forget as a stylist not only is your client on the line but so is your reputation.....if your work is great than the client will stay with you and spread a good word about you...but do a terrible job and that will be the last time you see that client and word that you are not good will pass on to their family, friends and even on the internet. (I wrote about one salon once who had gotten this terrible review about them posted on the internet on a popular forum and as a result lost quite a few potential clients)
I must say that finding a great stylist is difficult, not all stylists are the same...there are those who care about their work and their clients, those who have this amazing passion that shows in their relationship with the client and in their work. Then there are those who don't care or could care less, who end up losing clients and then wonder why....
It is the stylist who cares not only about their work, but about the client, the one who has passion and love for the art that is illustrated in their work and their relationship with their clients that rises to the top and becomes hair guru's are a great example of this, I have never seen such passion for an art as these two guru's have shown.
Take care and I do hope this helped not only the one who asked the question but all of you!

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