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Sunday, October 23, 2005

I wanted to write about know the best part about getting your hair done is how it looks in the end. For me the awesome cut and then the awesomely pin straight hair that is just perfect with no bumps, just perfection. The hard (and sad) part is having to wash your hair, because somehow it's not that same when you style it. For me all that perfect pin straight hair goes back to curls and I wonder "will I ever get it straight like that again?" When I washed my hair I hesitated to wet it, thinking "can't I just keep my stylist at home with me?" or "How will I get it that straight?" After washing it, I knew I'd have to tackle the job of styling well would I do in comparison to my stylist I wondered...I swear it's as if it was my first time. I've gone to the salon many times and since I started seeing my stylist Andrew I've always asked him to straighten my hair and everytime the time came to wash it I'd hesitate because I wanted it perfect like the way Andrew could make it. Soon after meeting Andrew I learned to iron my first it was so hard because I didn't really know how, sure I'd see him flat iron my hair but still it looks easier than it is. However with some time (and learning more) I got better and better and I'm proud to say I think I am gu ood at straightening my own hair. But this time around after washing my hair after having it professionally done I learned something all so important to me.....
What did I learn?
Beautiful hair starts with a great seriously you can iron your hair straight but if there are split ends all over the place then in your eyes sure it doesn't lool as good as it would if there weren't any.....don't you just love the way your hair is so incredibly healthy looking after a cut? I love seeing my hair split end free it's so great! Hair should not be neglected, when you need a cut to go get one. See I noticed that the week before getting a cut I didn't really like how it looked, all I saw were split ends all over the place and now all I see is the beautiful perimeter, that sleek sexy straight line.....and no split ends. So does the style look better now that it has been cared for? Yes
So the way your hair looks styled reflects your hair's state...if it's fulll of split ends then that is what you will see and the hair will look dull and lifeless but if the hair has been tended to and cut regularily you will see beautiful healthy looking hair that is awesomely beautiful!
What else did I learn?
What I should have seen before or what I forgot...that I can flat iron my hair well, that with a little time and patience and I can do it almost as well as my stylist (of course stylists have a way of making it perfect you know...they can see all the way around your head and you can' there's just something about how stylists style hair) that if I tried I could succeed. To iron in the direction of the hair growth, and I did a new little thing (teheh can't tell)
When I flat ironed my hair this time it was beautiful, like I wanted it to be, as close as possible to looking pro. done, its straight it looks healthy and has a most beautiful shape.
I have to admit I was thinking about something when I went to iron my hair...something that I hold quite close and dear, and it pulled me through and I am glad.
So you see what a lovely cut and some patience and determination can do....I ironed my hair really well and I am proud, so even if I can't get it as great as my stylist, I think I come somewhat's straight it's soft, minimal bumps (a couple in the back) but none's sleek it's hot and I'm happy!

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