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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hello again everyone, tonights post is going to be addressed to both client and let me begin. I was going to start off by talking about something else until I read something on the internet...made me appreciate my stylist alot more in a new light! I read about a hairstylist, one who cuts and colours who does two or three clients at one time....applies colour on one, cuts the others hair and does a treatment on the third, claiming "more heads more money" sure I'm just a client but I need to say a bit about that...after all this is both for the client and stylist. Okay truth be told, there are clients out there who want in and out of the salon as fast as possible, but I think most people prefer the stylist who spends the time and attention on them, I certainly do.
I remember attending the ABA (Allied Beauty Association) show here in Toronto, and I remember this one speaker talking about getting clients "in and out of the salon in the fastest time possible" and I remember thinking to myself if this guy comes out after his "speach" I'm going to give him a piece of my mind......lucky for him he did not come back on stage after his "speach".....he made going to the salon seem like going to a fast-food restaurant drive through, and that IS NOT how it is supposed to be. This is why good stylists are hard to find, too many are focused on making a quick buck rather than doing their absolute best.
What happened to hair stylists who believe that doing hair is art? Is this why so many people complain about their stylists, the ones who always feel that their haircut is super boring and sucks? Is this why people seem to be on these super quests to find a great stylist,because too many don't really care?
Now I address the stylist.......
Hair is about doing art, a haircut is supposed to be a work of art! My stylist Andrew told me that and I firmly believe in it! Doing hair is not supposed to be about the money....if your job is about the money alone than you are never going to be any good! Your career should be focused on making people feel good about themselves and loving how they look. As a stylist you should take the time to make a great haircut, colour or whatever, not a mediocer one! Think of great platform artists and hairstylists, think Anthony Mascolo, think James Morrison, think Robert you they are not doing three things at once......okay I have to ask, how can a stylist be doing three clients at once and claiming to do them well? If you are doing more than one client at a time then the client is not getting the attention they deserve, after all you are just worried about cutting/colouring their hair as fast as you can, who cares if it's good.....just a side note, stylists it's YOUR work, walking out the door, and just because you don't sign your name it doesn't mean no one knows...think about potential clients that are walking by your salon and see your work. No wonder people can't find a stylist they many are worried about the money.
I really wonder about those who have three clients at the same time, is it a chain salon, were a client is scheduled every 10 minutes? if so then well that's what cheap chain salons are about...but if the salon is charging good money then you think the client deserves attention and a great haircut, yes a WORK OF ART! I don't know about most salons but the great salons tend to schedule ONE client PER stylist and do it in time increments of about 45 min to an hour + depending on the service chosen.
This brings me to another point, stylists if you want to retain clients then you have to treat them well, you have to give them that haircut or colour that proves to them you are great and that you deserve the money they are paying you......clients do want attention, how would you feel if when you had your hair done the stylist doing your hair was running between's sloppy in my opinion really, just goes to show what matters to the stylist. When you pay someone to come do work on your home, they are at your home for the day, they are not going from your house to your neighbours to the corner house and flipping back and forth are they? No! They do your house first and then your neighbour and then the corner house.....As a stylist if you don't think hair is to be a work of art then I think somehow you have lost a passion along the way.....really even a simple cut can be a work of art, if there is enough love in it.
Andrew you should give a speach to some of these stylists....teach them a thing or two....
I find myself lucky in that my stylist specializes in cutting and styling hair, and that's all he colour, nothing but the cut and style....same with Steve, my other hair guru, he specializes in chemical cutting or colouring...just chemical straightening! By them focusing on a certain aspect it allows them to go above and beyond...most stylists do everything, never really learning fully everything about each, but my two hair guru's know so much about their respective areas, and that's part of what makes them stand out......they also understand their clients and make them feel really important and special and do give all the attention to that client and create beautiful works of art.....this is in addition to the reasons in the dedication why I admire them so much, just awesome guys!

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