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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tonight I thought I'd talk about something that I saw in a tv commercial add, and you know the more hair product commercials I see the more I think how vulnerable people are to buy these things because they make you feel you need them and that this is "the answer" to your hair woes....being me, the curious type of course, and just loving hair (did I ever mention how much I love the flat iron and Bedhead's Control Freak Serum? I just love them!) I thought let me expose some of these "word games" on my blog.....before I do I must state this....
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Now after having said that, let me begin.....
"Word Games and Hair Care Products"
You see them on tv everyday, ads, ads for hair care products that promise you shiny, sleek, sexy hair. They promise to hold your colour, your style and tell you that the product is better than anything the competition can come up with. You not being a hairstylist (ah the world has given us some great ones!)or having any knowledge on hair tend to believe the commercial, I mean after all look at the models hair...sleek, sexy, colour rich...etc....her hair reflects whatever it is the product is aimed at sellling. You try it, see the results and are disappointed.....this is why I recommend salon brand professional products, firstly they contain high quality ingredients with gentle cleansers, secondly they are made by the best in the industry, most times, by stylists or people who have worked in the hair industry and use the products every day in the salon. Okay so what did I see on tv, well lately alot of products are trying to sell you products that claim to work "inside" the hair, to repair it...sure great marketing tactic, you can't see the inside of your hair, and since you want to believe the product is working you'll think it does and think you are getting results, but what are they telling you?
Take this one product I saw being advertised, the ad claims that our hair contains natural oils and that shampooing your hair with the competitor's products "strips" away the natural oils, but of course their product keeps it in tact, okay so what's the deal with that....
I'll start by saying that yes all humans secrete oil, I believe the name of the oil we secrete is sebum oil.....basically that oil lubricates the hair, or the root of the hair....some people secrete more, thus oily hair, and others alot less, thus dry hair, but most people secrete the right amount. It's a lubricant for the roots and it does maintain the hair's natural shine.
FYI- When you brush your hair the natural oils do tend to get moved throughout the hair....
Okay so back to the says the competitors products "strips" away the "good stuff" the natural oil and that it "goes down the drain"but of course not with their product, oh no it leaves it "right where it should be"...silliness, all word games....I'll explain.
Yes a shampoo does need to be acid balanced, meaning that it has a pH level of 4.5-5.5 like I've mentioned before, and yes if the shampoo is harsh, either significantly over or under the pH level given before or contains ammonium laureth/lary sulfate then it is not good for you hair and it is stripping the natural oils and is a harsh cleanser, but the natural oils in our hair are "washed away" The oil obviously does not stay in the same spot and the scalp does continue to constantly produce that oil no matter what, here's what I mean.
If you wash your hair with hot water, use alot of hair care products, use products that are not acid balanced and have a life that includes going outside and doing things, then yes your hair is going to loose some of that natural oil, but not to worry, we continue to produce that oil always.
So I don't get what that commercial is trying to advertise, they are saying that their product does not strip any of the oil, sure it does all shampoos will remove some of that oil, that is a part of the cleaning process, sure you shampoo your hair in order to remove the dirt, so yes some of the natual oils will be removed, because hey you are cleaning your hair, but like I mentioned before we secrete oil constantly so there is no cause for concern or need to switch to this product.
Is the commercial just a play on words? Yes it is, it makes you think that you need their product because the other ones are taking away what your hair needs, but in fact the act of shampooing the hair and exposing your hair to the natural elmements removes the natural oils which are replaced your money and buy a good salon professional brand, not this stuff that you see on tv that tries to play you on silly word games, because heck they think you don't know the truth, well now you do.....
Take care and good night!

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