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Thursday, September 15, 2005

One more post tonight....the one I was originally thinking of doing....
Ah, hair....we grow it, get it cut, curl it, straighten it, perm it, vertically smooth it, relax it, thermal recondition it, colour it, dry it, style it, wash it...etc....We do so much to our hair, yet we get so much done to it. Sometimes we as clients have days where our hair decides it's not going to work for us, or it gets a mind of it's own and does it's own thing, then we have days were it co-operates, and yes these days do happen when we do it at home, know when you go to the salon your hair is going to co-operate no matter how stubborn! Funny thing is that when you are going somewhere doesn't your hair refuse to co-operate or come out right? You know the day you are giving that big presentation, or going on a hot date........of course your hair decides it's going to be stubborn right...but in your head you tell yourself "I can't go out with my hair like this" so the next thing you do is grab your phone and hit 1 on your speed dial (just probably are looking for the number or dialing it....) and low and behold you are making an appointment to have your hair done! Hair stylists are such lifesavers on days and occassions where your hair doesn't want to co-operate...but hair stylists are more than that...of course they give you your super cool oh-my-gosh-it-looks-so-hot-and-sexy hair cut/style/colour....and of course after going to the salon be it for cut/colour/style/esthetics you are on cloud nine for the day (well maybe it's just me ;)) Sometimes I think about how much people in the beauty industry do for us, and I know I did post about it before, but I think they need another thank I give it to them. After all who else can make a bad hair day a good one....who else can arch your eyebrows so beautifully....who else gives you that awesome cut....who else gives you super-cool colour.....who else helps you feel good about the way you look.....when else do you get to be pampered...when else do you get to have your hair washed while laying in a chair that massages your back (oh wait that's just Allan salon!) where else do you walk in to feeling so-so about yourself and walk out feeling like a million? That's right at the salon......and the beauty professionals make it beauty industry stylists, colour technicians, chemical technicians, estheticians, make-up artists, nail technicians, apprentices, assistants, and all other beauty professionals, give your self a pat on the back,because we as clients applaud you for all your hard work, and we thank you....truly you are in the greatest profession out there, you get to make people beautiful and you can make dreams come true, what other job can give you that?

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