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Monday, August 08, 2005

Hello everyone,
I have a super special treat for you all (no it's not about my trip to the backstreet boys concert with floor seats that I got the day of the concert =) hehehe) on the last post I wrote about Steve Tcherkezian's fabulous article on TR and provided you with the link. Well I took all of Steve's cardinal rules for TR and turned it into a little checklist. For those who have had TR or who are considering TR I feel (and hope) that the cheklist will help you make sure that you have found a TR expert, and not just someone who says they know what they are doing, the goal is to help you make the best decision. I hope that it will also be useful for those of you who have had a negative TR experience, maybe you will be able to realize where the error was made. I do however hate to hear negative TR stories, but the fact remains there will always be one to read. Having said that YOU can be armed with all the information you need to help you make the right choice in selecting your TR technician, to ensure that your TR is the one that makes your dreams of beautiful straight hair a reality with no negative effects, the power is in your hands. Remember that anyone can say they know how to do TR, just like anyone can say they know how to cut hair, but their are those who can cut hair and those who can create works of art with scissors.......there is a difference, and there are stylists who are the cream of the crop, the best of the best. I want you to find the cream of the crop, best of the best TR technician, the one who knows the science behind the art, to make your hair the way you dream. I do want to thank Steve for going over the checklist and editing it for me, and of course for letting me use the information....Steve you should write a whole book.
I'm so excited about this since it is a TIGI GIRL EXCLUSIVE, (it is solely on my site) and I hope that you are too......again a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Steve....thanks....

o Note: ADVANCED TR expert vs. a TR stylist: An ADVANCED TR expert is a TR stylist who has more experience with mistakes and they know their basics so well that they can make a magic. TR is a chemical process; EXPERIENCE plays a big role in the choice of hair stylist. A person who is now performing Thermal Reconditioning should already have had an experience with regular hair straightening methods. The stylist should know how to work with every hair type and every type of hair problem. We are talking about putting your hair in the hands of someone who will be breaking down the bonds that give your hair that present curly look and restructuring the bonds so the hair that is treated will be permanently straight. Japanese Hair Straightening/ Thermal Reconditioning/ TR, will make your hair straight, leaving the hair feeling soft and silky. In other words, your hair will look better than ever before.
o You had a consultation, that involved you asking the stylist questions.
o You used Steve's "TR technician interview" and "TR consultation" sheets during your consultation )
o Note: TR is NOT for anyone to experiment on you - Get a thorough consultation. It should take about 45 minutes.
o Consultation includes strand tests for elasticity, porosity, and structural competency of the hair. , )
o TR stylists uses ONLY Mason Pearson combs
o You were given written details about preparing your hair for TR.
o Stylist has the speed of hands - step 1 is to be applied within 8 - 15 minutes
o TR solution is applied 1/2 inch or one finger away from scalp and it should not touch the scalp.
o There is only one person doing the whole TR.
o The TR stylist NEVER processes your hair under a steam machine or hair dryer or any other heat device
o Note: DO NOT EVER let the TR stylist process your hair under a steam machine or under a hair dryer or any other heat device. REALIZE that while the reforming step 1 solution is on your hair and IF the temperature rises above 21 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit, steam will form inside the hair shaft; causing the hair to fragment and burst. The naked eye cannot see this. As a result, the cuticle scales on the hair have been lifted and separated from each other. They will never return to normal. The cuticle may be completely stripped off, revealing the cortex underneath. This too is now exposed to weathering, and will probably not survive unbroken for long, and as soon as a comb passes over the hair, the hair may break off.
o The stylist stays with you during the application and processing time, and also during the neutralizer.
o There is no pressure on the head at any time, including shampooing the hair.
o The stylist did not use extreme pressure during the ironing process.
o Iron is set at 180 degrees Celsius and not to exceed 190 degrees Celsius.
o No heat is felt on the head/scalp during the ironing step.
o Stylist uses a clean towel after each rinsing process: one after the reforming solution and one after the neutralizer.
o The stylist used a genuine TR product i.e. Straight TIO, Yuko, Liscio.
o Genuine external products such as shampoo, conditioner and treatments used during the TR process.
o To complete the TR process, the hair is ironed one final time before you leave the salon.
o You were given written details about the "after care" before you leave the salon.
o The stylist adheres to Steve's step by step TR procedure.
o You informed the stylist of any discrepancies
o If major deviation or discomfort occurs during the step 1 reforming (thio) solution: ask the stylist to stop, rinse your hair and then leave without paying.
Copyright Steve Tcherkezian and Tigi Girl, 2005.
An exclusive article courtesy of Steve Tcherkezian.

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