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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hello again everyone,
I really hope you enjoyed the EXCLUSIVE article on TR that I posted for you all, it was truly a special treat to have Steve create this with me (I just took the cardinal rules he posted on his site and turned it into a checklist which he checked over again) I'm proud to say that I have over 2000 hits on this site, so I'm really happy and hoping that you are all enjoying it. For this post I thought that I would go over maintaining your hair care tools, seriously it's something that we all need to do to ensure that they last and give us the best results, so let's begin.

1- Hair brushes/combs
We all use them, and I am a fan of paddle brushes,it's the only brush I'll use, but in order for it to last we need to make sure that we take care of it
First start by purchasing a good quality brush, no dollar store brushes! You can pick up a good one at any beauty supply outlet....Steve recommends the Mason Pearson brushes, they are expensive but Steve says they are worth it. I use and really love the Dannyco brush, it's a big black paddle brush, it's got a great handle for grip and the teeth on the brush have a small little ball on the end, so no snags and it feels super nice when you brush your hair.
To clean the brush first remove all the hair that is accumulated off the brush (well as much as you can) and then wash your brush with some shampoo, seriously. Wet the brush, lather it, and then rinse can even blow-dry it dry....that's what I do. By shampooing the brush you are removing any product build up and dirt that has accumulated on the brush.

2-Heat Styling tools......Blow-dryer
Since we all own different blow-dryers I suggest that you read the manufacture's instructions for cleaning it, yes I know you probably threw it away but you may be able to find the care instructions for it on the company's site. Here are the basics, make sure that the filter is clean and free of hair and debris, if it does get dirty you can actually open and remove the filter (at least with mine you can ) and clean it, you can dust it off or wipe it down, but again that's where that good old handy dandy instruction manual comes in (bet you wish you kept it don't you?)

3- Heat styling tools......Flat Iron/Curling iron
Again the manufacture's instructions come in handy, but here is something that will work for all models, first make sure that the iron is UNPLUGGED & OFF and that it is cool (like it was never on, or room temperature) make sure that the iron is not hot or you will ruin it! Then take a damp cloth (water only) and wipe it down gently, do not scrub and then dry it with a dry cloth. My flat iron (I use a Babyliss and it says that I can wipe it down with a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol instructions but the one mentioned above is okay too) Flat irons and curling irons sometimes get product residue on them I noticed that mine did, so when my plates turned a bit yellow I cleaned them with the simple water method.
Also with heat tools ensure that they are working properly and inspect the cord everytime you use it to make sure there is no damage to it, same with the tool, check it. If you ever notice the tool smoking (like my flat iron did yesterday) for no apparent reason (your hair was fully dry and it continued to smoke after you ran it through your hair like mine did) then it's time for a new iron.....yesterday my iron started smoking big time...I don't get why my hair was dry and after I passed it through my hair it started to smoke, once I passed it through my hair I looked at it and it was still smoking, so I turned it off and let it cool and of course went out to buy a new one. If it does smoke for no reason shut it off and discontinue use of it, this could be a sign that something is wrong with the heating element.....

4-Hair care products
Shampoo's and conditioners should not be kept in the bathtub or shower!! That's a big no no......keep them in the medicine cabinet or in the bathroom cubort/drawer but not in the shower......this helps to keep the product bacteria free and allows it to last longer. The constant heat of hot showers and residue's can ruin the products.
Other styling products should be kept in a cool dry place....the bathroom is not the greatest place but if need be put it in the cubort or drawer. If the product has a lid ensure that it is on and closed tightly, same goes for products that twist open and closed.
Remember to go through your hair care products once a year and throw out ones that you don't like or use anymore.
If you ever notice your product(s) smell different or look different then they did when you bought them THROW THEM AWAY!!!! If the shampoo bottle looks like a bottle of nail polish that has not been used in some time (where the product has sunk to the bottom and the top looks like water or runny) THROW IT AWAY....I saw a shampoo bottle like that at a store once!

5-Hair clips and accessories
Basically ensure that the accessories are free of hair, and that they are of good quality so they do not snage or rip the hair. To clean them you can rinse them under some water with shampoo, again to remove dirt and product residue, or run a cloth scruncie through the wash. It's a good idea to buy new accessories every year and throw away old ones.

I hope this post has helped you understand how to maintain hair care products and tools, please do clean your heat tools often, you can clean your flat iron and curling iron after every use, that is what I do. For brushes, once a week is great, and always check your products for anything unusual (smell, look) and keep them in a cool, dry location.
Take care and have a great hair day always!

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