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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hello again everyone,
I just want all of you out there who are considering getting thermal reconditioning (TR) or getting a TR touch have to read this article by Steve Tcherkezian (one of my hair guru's) it is WAY to important to miss out, it is the ultimate source of knowledge for those thinking about getting TR or even a TR touch up. I thought it was marvelous, it's thorough and the fifth page is my ultimate favourite page, it basically sums up all the things to look for and avoid during TR and before making your final decision on a TR technician. Like I have always said, not all TR technicians understand the science and art of Tr and hair. TR is about understanding the structure of hair and hair as a substance, it's about understanding different hair types and knowing what each hair type will be able to withstand. It's about making the right choice for the client, and of course understanding every step, including what the chemicals are doing and how to treat the hair. Remember it's your hair....
Want to avoid a TR horror story? Want to protect your money, invest it wisely? Want to protect one of your assests, something that makes up who you are? Want to have a proper TR? Want the dream of beautifully straight hair to come true? Then before you go ahead and make that appointment with just anyone who says they can do TR then READ Steve Tcherkezian's article, and protect yourself, your money and your hair!
Here is the link;action=display;num=1122695137
It's entitled "Salon Hit List: "Beware of"

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