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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

For the first time in a while I actually sat down to watch some tv....(I'm not a big fan of watching tv, would rather be out with friends, or doing something else, but I do have shows I like to watch) and I happened to spot the Montel show, and it was about make-over receipient updates, so the people that had been made-over on the show were asked if they kept up their look and how it was when they went home and stuff. This reminded me of the day I had my make-over, well a major hair make-over (sure I had my make-up done too and got to dress up in an awesome sexy dress and heels) The guests talked about how much the make-over changed their lives, one of the guests never smiled because his teeth were broken and rotting, the Montel show sent him to this wonderful dentist and the guest received veneers and then he got rid of his long hair, but dang he looked so hot after the make-over, he said that he smiles now and he did get all emotional, and then so did I. Make-overs have a huge impact on people and they may very well be lifechanging events, and beauty industry professional get the chance to be a part of that, to make the dream come true (as in my case) The Montel show inspired me to write this post.

"The power of make-overs"
In today's world there is so much emphasis on looks, in magazines, on the runway, in the workplace, in school and everywhere. The first thing that someone notices about a person is how they look, if someone wears torn up shirts do we not make some assumption about them, and if someone is dressed in a business suit do we not make another assumption? Sure, the way we look is part of the image that we project to the world. Growing up in this world is not easy, in elementary (grades7&8) and throughout high school looks take a huge centre stage, this is after all the age of puberty for many and the teenager stage (I'm still 19...and holding on to it) Have you ever walked through a highschool hallway? It's brands mania, this group with this look and brand and that group with that brand and look. Having the latest everything seems to be at the centre of the focus as well, after all to be "cool" you had to have x and y. Have you also ever noticed how we describe people? Attractive, pretty, ugly, unattractive.....beautiful eyes, ugly feet etc. We all say things like that about people, but what happens when it really hits home, when kids tease each me tell someone enough times that they are ugly they begin to believe it. The way we feel about ourselves says alot, the person on the Montel show who was emabarrased about his teeth would never smile and covered his mouth alot when he spoke. It is obvious that the guest truly felt embarrassed about his teeth, and because of it he lost his self-esteem. When we feel good about our-selves our self-esteem and self-confidence rises, and we feel empowered and worthy, but when we don't feel good about ourselves our self-esteem takes a nasty drop, suddenly the feeling of "I can't do it" and "I'm not ____(fill in) enough" takes over and we begin to dislike that thing about ourselves. Then what happens? What happens when we totally don't like something about the way we look? Well some people go out there and try to fix it and others don't think it's fixable and let it be. I'll tell you the longer you let it be the more the self-esteem drops.....So this brings me to the make-over part, being a big fan of TLC's "A Make-Over Story" I have heard alot of the stories about why people deserve a make-over and why they want one......and it's incredible to see the difference it makes in people, the way they project themselves before the make-over and after is amazing. After the make-over you see them all smiling and happy and they are just glowing, versus before the make-over where they feel plain and you can see it in their eyes they are just bored with themselves or totally want to change something about themselves. I've been sitting here debating whether or not or how much of my own story I want to put up here, and I thought that I would go as far as my mind would tell my fingers to type. So now on to my story, if you have read the dedication of the blog you will notice that I did dedicate to two great hair guru's, Andrew (my stylist) and Steve (TR technician) and both of them have made a big difference in my life, but the make-over started with Andrew.............okay I'll write some of it, I used to hate the way my hair was before...oh my gosh it was so not pretty, I hated it, it was so out of control and I swear I could not tame it! Just a big mess......(Andrew you remember this still don't you?) after meeting Andrew and letting him cut my hair, it was so was beautiful, I was beautiful, okay now all the memories are filling my head and I'm getting emotional. I'll finish by saying that I went from a girl who dreamed of being beautiful and having beautiful hair, to a goddess with a ton of attention that night (which happened to be a super special event) and let me say that people did not even recognize me! The best part was that I finally had the dream come true, so you see how much that make-over affected me, I went from hating my hair to loving it, to feeling beautiful, to getting back my self-esteem (all that dancing that night, it was HOT!!) it was the best thing that ever happened to me. To me it was not just a haircut, it was a dream come true.......
I mentioned before that make-overs change people's lives and it impacts them so much, it gives people a whole new outlook on life but more importantly themselves, what they thought might not have been possible became possible. It goes deeper, the make-over may just give someone the courage to try out for that career, to ask that special someone out, to go out and show off, but more imporatantly to smile, and to dream, and the knowledge that dreams come true and that they are beautiful and it gives them self-esteem beyond a compare. Thinking about a make-over but not sure if you should go for it? I'd tell you to go for it in a heartbeat, it doesn't have to be all out, like cut, colour, highlights, make-up, clothes and shoes, it can be any one of those things, go out there and experiment a little, try that new hair colour or make-up shade.
For the beauty industry professionals, this is what I have been talking about since the start, you have the power to create that perfect look, you have the power to turn a frown into a smile, you have the power to make the client look and feel like a million, you have the power to make the client feel good about themselves, you have the power to change their life, you have the power to change their view about how they look. You have the power to give them back the self-esteem that they may have lost, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE. I think a job in the beauty industry is one of the most rewarding and one of the greatest careers out there, after all look what you have the power to do, for all that we say thank you.......
Andrew thank you for the dream come true (yes I may keep saying this to you for a long while) and Steve for inspiring a dream.
Remember if you look good you feel good (Toni&Guy philosophy)

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