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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and had a happy Canada day (I did) or Independence day (for those of you in the USA), I read through a great article online and I wanted to post it up on my site, it's about preventing those unsightly, aweful split ends that are so annoying! I really hate split ends, not only are they telling you something about your hair's condition (frankly that the ends are done for, meaning damaged beyond a repair) but it also signals that it's time for a haircut... okay so you can't prevent getting split ends all together, because eventually they'll show up and the longer your hair the more prone to them you are. Girls ever notice how it seems like guys never have split ends? Well it's probably because their hair is shorter and cut more often than most girls get their cut....girls tend to have long hair, so the longer the hair the older it is and the more suseptable to damage it is! Okay so you want some tips on avoiding split ends? Here's the article....

You can't mend a broken heart or a split end, but you sure can prevent them. Here are some steps to prevent split ends, anyway.

1. Take care not to split them in the first place, because the only cure is a trim, according to trichologists (hair doctors) everywhere.

2. Don't brush hair when it's wet, because that's when it is at its most vulnerable.

3. Cool it on the heat styling tricks. That means cut down on hair dryers, straightening irons, crimpers, curling irons and hot curlers.

4. Buy a natural-bristle brush that won't pull on hair and ultimately break it off, thereby causing a possible split end.

5. Wear a hat to minimize sun damage.

6. Use a shampoo that lists sunscreen as a major ingredient.

7. Condition after shampooing, and use a deep conditioner once a month.

8. Try a hair split repair product. It won't actually repair the hair, but it will minimize the stray hair look you hate.

9. Get a trim every six weeks.

Treat your hair as the fragile living thing it is; don't twirl, tug or abuse it.

A satin pillow case will minimize tangles.

Always use coated or covered rubber bands.

When you swim, wear a swim cap to protect your hair from harsh chlorine.

Learning preventative care is a must.

Too many products, treatments and fussy hairdos won't do your hair any good. Overdying and drying it are the main culprits. Copyright 2005.

Okay for those of us who refuse to wear hats, products that protect the hair from the sun are just as good...I do know that TIGI's Fashionista Smooth and Shine protects the hair from the sun (UV) so it's a great product to use to protect your hair from the sun. Again if you need to use heat styling tools then definatly use a heat protectant, as you probably know I live and swear by TIGI/Bedhead's Control Freak serum, that stuff works wonders. First it protects the hair from the heat, second it prevents frizz and reversion. Even if it's humid out my hair does not go back to it's curl state (I have curly hair that is prone to frizz) and it does not that's why I recommend Control Freak Serum, it's like $22.50 Canadian dollars for a bottle that lasts from 6-12 months.......I love this stuff....Toni&Guy people can I have one of those Control Freak t-shirts? I've been looking for them and can't find one. Anyways I hope this has helped you out a bit and been informative.......until next time....

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