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Friday, June 17, 2005

Tonight I thought that I would write about what it means when a TR technician says they have a "certificate"
Let's talk about "certificates" shall we......let's say you are interviewing a potential TR technician and they tell you "I have a TR certificate" or they tell you that they attended a TR seminar well you may be thinking "wonderful I found an experienced TR technician" but HOLD ON! STOP! Just because they may have a certificate or they have attended a seminar it DOES NOT mean that they understand the science behind the art (of TR that is)
What does it mean when they say they have a certificate, well it means one of two things
A- they attended a TR training class, those tend to last about one - two days or
B- they have watched a training video (isn't that a freightening thought your TR technician learned to do TR from a video)

Are you surprised? Bet some of you are, I know it seems convincing to hear someone say that they have a certificate but it truly does not mean that they are any good at doing TR. I will prove that theory below. Now going to a TR seminar does not mean anything either, again the seminars tend to last one to two days. Sometimes the TR company sends someone to the salon and in one or two days they "teach" the technician to perform a TR service, sometimes the salon sends one person to the TR seminar and then that person comes back and teaches the rest, I don't know about you but that is not reassuring at all. I want to make it clear that TR is not about "applying, hoping and praying that it comes out good" it's about understanding the science behind the art, it's about understand hair as a substance and realizing that hair once damaged is damaged until new growth comes in to replace the damaged areas.

Okay now I'm going to prove to you that just because someone has a certificate/liscence it does not necessarily mean that they understand the science or core of their art. I'm going to use my own expeirence for this one. I know that alot of people probably think or believe that all hair stylists are the same, regardless of price or location, but this in fact is not true. Hairstylists do have a liscence and most have gone through apprenticeship programs but it does not mean that they are all good at their art, take my expeirence. I will be honest and say that not until I met Andrew (my stylist) did I ever like my hair.......really he's been the only stylist that ever understood how to work with my hair(okay my hair is thick and curly, there I said it ) Okay ladies lets admit it for those of us with thick curly hair "puffiness" can be a problem and finding a stylist to work with our hair type is a challenge. I have to say that before meeting Andrew other stylists made my hair's problems even worse, the puff would be unbearable, and I would always have my hair in a pony tail. But after meeting Andrew and letting him cut my hair it was totally different, I could finally wear my hair down and it finally looked amazing! Something that took me so long to find and receive (okay it was on my prom day too =) but hey ) So you see what I mean, sure all stylists have to be able to "cut" hair but it is very few who can do an amazing job and understand that different hair types have different needs and limits.
Now apply that to TR, sure alot of them can "learn it" but do they really understand it? Do they know how to deal with different situations and work with different hair types? Do they know how to analyze the hair? Do they understand what is going on during every step? These and more are the questions you the potential TR client need to be thinking about.
I have provided a fair amount of TR information on my site, and I would be glad to answer any questions that you wish to send me via e-mail but again also check out Steve Tcherkezian's web site that is the hair and tr book! (Steve you should really make it into a book) Steve is the TR guru, this guy knows everything about TR, and sure feel free to write him on his message board, he'd be glad to answer any of your questions, check out his site, it's got so much information on TR, and it's worth the read and a must for those considering TR.

Remember it's your hair, who are you going to trust?

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