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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you and that you are having a great summer (even if like me you have to work and somedays work some crazy hours but you get paid so it's good) so I thought I'd update again, I know I've been posting less often, but it's because work keeps me busy like crazy, but I'm dedicated to posting at least once a week so here's todays post!! I must make a note that I have obtained this from Steve Tcherkezian's website,

"PLEASE HELP! I have stick straight fine hair. It is relatively thick, but does not hold a curl, and DOES NOT perm. Trust me, I have tried perms and have had the best stylist at every salon give it a whirl at one time or another. I am 55 , have no grey at all, and have worn my hair in a classic bob pretty much all my adult life, because I have the most sucess with that least it looks neat and tidy, BUT I am soooo sick of it and I am sure people think I am one of those people that lives in a time warp and never tries anything new. I dress in style, am youthful looking and willing to try almost anything, because I want a young, hip and stylish look but am being realistic that I have no special talent with hair, and have horrible hair that will not flip with a curling iron and styling products. What can I do, PLEASE any suggestion? I get my hair colored and high lited as It gives my hair some body at least temporarily and it looks stylish as well.
Steve's reply: Picasso could do more with 3 broken crayons than the average man could with a palate of the finest paint. The majority of hair stylists are Artists – they paint the hair, highlight it, cut it style it and it will look fabulous, but only a few of us (hair stylists) understand the science behind our art. It is called: THE SCIENCE OF PERMANENT WAVING/ or THERMAL RECONDITIONING/TR. There is HAIR That Won’t Perm or TR!!! Hair stylists that attended science symposium seminars and took Tichoanalysis classes are the only ones who understand the complexities of the hair fiber. So you need to search and find such a stylist and NOT just any stylist. If you’ve been complaining of history of perm relaxation and /or poor perm results, it is unlikely that this will be corrected regardless of waving solution or technique. The reason is probably your hair itself. While not completely proven, it appears that certain individuals have a higher percentage of spring-like proteins. The normal percentage is about 60% “springs” and 40% “glue”. A higher percentage of spring-like proteins means that the hair can readily be stretched (high elongation), but because of the lower percentage of “glue”, the curl is not held very well and reverts back or relaxes. This is more than just stretch hair; it is a variation in protein that may normally occur in the population. It is known that the proteins of nails also show natural variation. While the hair looks and behaves normally in other ways, it does NOT hold a perm or set as well as others. There are also medical conditions that are thought to interfere with perming. Certain medications may alter the balance between “spring-like” and “glue-like” proteins, or interfere with the formation of disulfide bonds in the hair’s protein structure. Unfortunately, there is little evidence on specific medication, though thyroid medication, tranquilizers, birth control pills, and anti-cancer drugs have all been suggested. If the client has medical problem, the stylist might suggest that the perm be tried at a later date.
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Today I felt incredibly special........the way every client should!

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