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Sunday, May 15, 2005

TR information online

This is my site and I want to warn all of you out there about a web site that claims to offer legit tr information, this site is lamas beauty, and I recommend you stay away from it if you want to know the truth on tr. Lamas is all about playing games with your hair! A girl whom I have spoken to online wrote a complaint about a so called tr technician that did her hair who happens to post at lamas. Funny thing is the post disappeared, why? because the young lady (whose hair is falling out!) complained against one of their so called tr technicians! See at lamas they want you to go to their people and if something goes wrong you can't post it there without lamas moderator thinking it's "a fake person". The people there don't seem to care about truly understanding hair, frankly they care about selling you the client tonnes of products for your hair after TR's have gone wrong (from any salon and technician). Their technicians never try to get to the root of a tr disaster instead offer up product advice, but products cannot fix damage to the cortex! Products can't fix the bends, can't stop breakage or hair from falling out! They can't fix over-processed or "fried" hair! The technicians don't try to get to the root because they do not understand tr as they should. There is someone there who copies and pastes all her answers from Steve Tcherkezian's site! She makes it seem like she understands tr but you can't possibly understand TR if you can't put the process into your own words to explain to someone. Be warey of the advice you receieve online and always have a consultation and re-ask all the questions you asked online and more. Please please be careful...remember it's your hair and you want it to be the best....take your time do your reasearch and consult!!!
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