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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Here is what a so called tr technician writes....
A smoothing service (eg X-tenos) will only calm down the curl and reduse the frizz. This means that your hair will still need to be styled just as much as before. I think that when you go in for a consultation for your TR the stylist should let you know how they're going to appraoch the front of your hair since its more fragile than the back. The stylist should use 2 different strength formulas so that the front doesn't get overprocessed. I think you should go for the full TR because you really don't want to have hair concerns and the full TR will need the least work to make look great. The chi straightener has the same ingredients that make the hair straight as the japanese brands I would still consider a japanese brand because the people who do TR with the japanese brands have more experience and they've been trained better than the stylists who use Chi. Thats just my opinion. TRs can be done with body. There are several different techniques that can beexecuted in order to leave body in your hair.

This is my reply

I do have to disagree here, when a mini-tr/smoothing service is done it leaves the hair more manageabele, the curls are easier to work with and if the client wants to straighten it she can and she WILL spend less time on it. It reduces some excess volume as well as the frizz. The goal of a smoothing service is so that the client can spend less time on their hair and have more manageable hair, and this is what it will do. So the client will infact spend less time styling their hair, if not why get the service? If the client wants the curls but wants more "looser" curls, or more manageable curls then a mini-tr is for them, a total tr would remove ALL the curls!
Did you graduate beauty school yet????? Do you work behind a chair or are you still going to your Guru for the answers? I have to say I admire Steve because at least his long winded answers are his own. But you have no right or reason to disagree with me unless your trying to antagonize. You have your opinions and I have mine. I know your history and you're trying to say you know better. When you get to be a stylist behind a chair for a few years I'm sure you'll be more tactful with your answers, But right now your lack of diplomacy is showing.

Does this person seem to understand the smoothing service? Let's take a relaxer, why do people do it? to have less curl and to be able to better control their hair. Okay so if the hair is more manageable then it would be easier to style right? Easier to style means it takes less time right? vertical smoothing removes some of the curl it loosens it, therefore the less the curl and less frizz and volume the easier to style and the less time it takes to's common sense and logic.
Banned for telling the truth....but clients are smart

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