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Monday, May 16, 2005

I recently read a post on a web forum, sadly it was about "tr gone wrong". A person whom I shall leave annonymous had a tr service done somewhere in the USA and she writes that she feels her TR went wrong, she had "spikey breakage" and that her roots have bends and that she is also experiencing breakage. She also complained that her hair was falling out more that usual, obviously she is afraid and looking for help, what grabbed my heart was that she said losing her hair would be one of her worst nightmares. I'm 19 and I know that hair is important to a woman, regardless of the age, so that tugged my heart because I knew she was sad and probably upset too. Now for the reply.....
Ah the bends....let's talk shall we? Okay take a look at your hair, especially the area where the bends are and tell me are they L shaped or zig zag in appearance? L shaped bends means that the ironing step was done improperly, so they ironed your hair incorrectly, propbably at the wrong angle. If it's zig zag this means that the first cream probably touched your scalp or came very close to it. Okay now about the hair falling out, is it falling from the root or breaking off (so do you see a white bulb at one of the ends?) I want to help you as much as I can so I need the feedback. It does not matter the system what mattes is the technician doing it, they need to understand hair and the science of TR and chemcial straightening. Your stylist doesn't seem to understand that because he or she is telling you the bends are okay...they are not! There are not supposed to be bends in the hair and the hair should not be falling out! Something went let's keep investigating this....did the first solution touch your head? this was a touch up? if so where are you noticing the breakage? If it was a touch up was only the regrowth done or your whole head? If you could also describe the procedure to me it can help. (any previous relaxerss) have you had your hair coloured (bleached, highlighted, just plain colour...if so what was your natural colour and the colour you went to and how long ago)I know it seems like alot of questions but this helps me better understand what's going on...
She replies back and describes her problem, she says the bends look L shped and her breakage is on her head....when she runs her hands through her hair she gets hand fulls of hair, that just seems to keep "coming out". Here is the part that sticks out
" When I actually got it done the stylist said that it was being very stubburn and processed it like 4 times." - Oh my gosh this is such a no no...I'll explain later.
She then continues to say that she goes to her stylist who says she did not see much breakage but saw a bend (can someone spell lies...l-i-e-s). Her technician told her to come back in a month so that the bend can be "fixed" and she wants to know if this is something she should have done.....Obviously you can tell that this person does not trust in the so called tr technician much anymore because she is questioning the advice given (which by the way is incorrect, I'll write about that in the next few lines)
So when I don't know what to tell someone I turn to Steve to help me advise people on TR issues, so I posted the message to Steve Tcherkzian (one of the two guru's to whom this site is dedicated...GO STEVE! -it's 11:31pm)
Here is Steve's reply:
"The stylist said that it was being very stubborn and processed it like 4 times.”- Basically the stylist ruined your hair! Repeating the process step #1 four (4) times on the same day will in fact convert 60% to 70% of the disulfide bonds to cysteic acid. Since only about 50% of all the hair’s disulfide bonds are in involved in TR, this means about three quarter may have already been destroyed during this (4 times) process. In other words, there isn’t enough cystine to reconnect the bonds and to support a style – hence, the hair is literally destroyed. God knows what other mistakes the stylist caused! To exemplify the above theory, think of hair as a ladder with rungs - A ten foot ladder will have about 10 rungs. Now if you cut off (disconnect) 70% of the rungs, you’ll have 3 rungs left. This is not enough rungs to support the ladder. Therefore, if for instance you attempt to climb up the ladder, the ladder will break and you’re going to fall. That's exactly what happens to the hair when we break too many cystine/disulfide bonds. Bends are caused by sloppy application of the thioglycolate solution step #1 too close to the scalp and sloppy ironing compression - you get a "crimp" in your straight hair right at the roots. Unfortunately there is nothing I can say or do that will help your hair. Best thing to do is see a dermatologist and cut the hair as short as possible. Also, it is important that you starts using acid balanced shampoo and a good regimen of moisturizing conditioner and Treatment. In reference to: "She told me to come back in a month to let her put something in for about 5 minutes and then flatiron the bend out". Oh my God! Please DO NOT to do it and stay AWAY from this TR stylist and to never allow any other TR stylist (regardless of experience), to fix her bends. "

She also asked for product recommendation but if the interior is damaged and based on what Steve wrote it is, there is nothing that products can do to help it. I wish there was a way to stop the breakage and the hair loss but what damage is done is done.

----Now that was a real life experience, and I hope that you all have learned something from this, if you are thinking of a chemical service, be smart about it, read all the TR information I have posted throughout my site and go through Steve Tcherkezian's and READ it, ask questions, post questions and most of all remember it's your hair!

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