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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

One Life Project -

I felt that I should remind people out there abou the "One Life Project" the documentary about the beauty industry. I wanted to remind you all to go out there and at least have a look at the web site and even take a look at the the trailor, where you can see parts of it. I thought that it was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen and I'm not a stylist. So please check it out I'm sure something there will warm your heart, and just to let you all know the proceeds from the sale do go to charity, and you can read about that in the post below. Please also pass on the link to anyone you know who is in the beauty industry, be it your stylist, esthetician or whomever, I'm sure they'd love to hear about it. Also pass it on to someone who is interested in a career or even a possible career in the beauty industry it's really a great way for them to feel good abou their decision even if they are a bit unsure. I can tell you this, the beauty industry seems like one of the greatest industries in the world to be a part of. How many careers do you know of where you get to make people's dreams come true? Where else can you cheer someone up? Where else can you give someone the gift of self-esteem and the feeling of being beautiful....refreshed and specia...okay where else is it your job to socialize with people while you work....where else do people really trust you to tell you their personal stories? Pass the link on to anyone you think will be intersted, remember the money goes to a fund that gives future hairstylists the chance to suceed and realize their dreams....I do want to thank James Morrison once again for the privallage and honour to allow me to write about the One Life Project and to include it as part of my site. So here is the post again...


I recently was lucky to hear about a wonderful project that has been created, the "One Life Project" and I wanted to share this with you all. The One Life Project is a documentary about the beauty industry, it was created by James Morrison, who is co-owner of Toni & Guy/TIGI USA. I must say that he is an inspirtation to many, and his words have touched and inspired me. It was also created by Rachel Aceves. The One Life Project is dedicated to Carson Chirico, a promising young hair stylist,whose death sadly snuffed out the endless possibilities that were awaiting him. I have watched the trailor and I encourage you all to watch it. It's more than meets the eye, the message can be applied to anyone, whether or not you are in the beauty industry. While I watched the trailor I must admit, I laughed at one comment (how men love to work with the beutiful women), but I ended up crying at another (how people in the beauty industry are able to give or restore someone's confidence) I was honestly touched at what I was hearing, I think in this world we take so much for granted - people too. Think about what I have been saying for a long time, people in the beauty industry are the ones who keep us looking and feeling our best. Ever felt wonderful or like a million dollars, desperatly wanting to go show off your new look the moment you leave the salon? Sure you have, and why is that? Because someone cared enough about you to do their best for you! Someone cared enough to work endlessly to see you smile! So maybe next time you see your hair stylist, colour technician, or chemical technician you will stop and say thank you. I mean look him or her in the eyes and say thank you, say it from your heart. I also wanted to add that seeing Carson's picture made me cry. I actually just looked at it again a few moments ago but it seems that everytime I think about the One Life Project his face comes to mind. Seeing this young man who dared to dream and did his best in everything was uplifting, yet it brought me to tears knowing that he could not fully live out every dream. Although all that he did and all the lives and hearts that he touched will forever be remembered. I want you all to seriously take a look at the trailor and the site, you may find that you too will have been touched.You may visit the site

I do wish to thank James Morrison for his allowing me the pleasure and honour to write about this on my blog and for allowing me to use some of the information from the site.

Courtesy of James Morrison, used with permissionINNOVATIVE DOCUMENTARY FILM CAPTURESTRUE BEAUTY OF THE BEAUTY INDUSTRYLAGUNA BEACH, Calif., September 13, 2004 - Top stars in the beauty industry will hit thesilver screen in the groundbreaking documentary film, "One Life Project," co-created by Toni &Guy/TIGI USA International Artistic Director, James Morrison. The Salon Association (TSA)will debut the world premier at its Symposium 9 in San Francisco on January 9, 2005.Morrison and partner, Rachel Aceves, enrolled some of the finest business and artistic minds inthe field to reveal the true beauty of the beauty industry. Geniuses like Vidal Sassoon, HorstRechelbacher of Aveda, John Paul DeJoria of John Paul Mitchell Systems, and Bruno Mascoloof Toni & Guy/TIGI USA share how their choices shaped their destiny and the lessons theylearned along their life journey."As a hairdresser for nearly thirty years, I always wanted to share with the world the amazingtalent who comprise this industry," said Morrison. "Finally, one film brings together the legendsof our day from all different affiliations for one cause - to share the human side of this wonderful business.""One Life Project" materialized after the tragic death of Morrison's business partners' 21-yearold son, Carson Chirico who died in a car accident on May 18, 2004. Touched by the senselessdeath of this young hairdresser, Morrison and Aceves set out to share Chirico's story and howhis death impacted those around him.INNOVATIVE DOCUMENTARY FILM CAPTURES TRUE BEAUTY"Carson's story reminds us that our choices don't solely affect our own life, but all of the livesaround us," said co-creator Aceves. "This film exhibits the power and influence of one's life."The filmmakers created the Carson Chirico Scholarship to donate the net proceeds from the sale of the film to support TSA's Beacon Program. The Beacon Program provides cosmetologystudents tuition scholarships to attend TSA's annual Symposium. This conference offers highperformance business education for salon/spa owners and their teams. Beacon seeks to helpyoung salon/spa professionals gain an early understanding of the business side of the industry.During Beacon, students experience business education at its best and they get to network withsome of the biggest innovators of this industry."We're very excited about our partnership with TSA because we believe, like they do, that thebest way to predict the future is to create it," said Morrison. "Charity begins at home and thisfund will help future hairdressers, like Carson, succeed."TSA will host the world premier of the "One Life Project" at 5:50 p.m. on Sunday, January 9,2005 at Symposium 9 in San Francisco. To be the first to see the "One Life Project," or call (877) 557.5340 to register for Symposium 9.The cast also includes: Vidal Sassoon, Horst Rechelbacher, Bruno Mascolo, John Paul DeJoria,Anthony Mascolo, Winn Claybaugh, David Wagner, Ann Mincey, Robert Cromeans, RobertLobetta, Scott Cole, Stephen Moody, Van Council, Vivienne Mackinder, and Erik Knudsen.Additional viewing dates available on the website.To purchase the DVD or for more information, visit www.OneLifeProject.Org.###Copyright James Morrison 2005, the contents of this site or post may not be reproducted without the prior writen consent of myself. All information remains property of tigigirl. Copyright 2005

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