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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Okay I got a really cool question in asked to me and I definately want to share it with you. Now this post like all my others can be both for the client and stylist....this one especially.
So here it isQuestion: Tigi girl, I need some help, I'm thinking about changing stylists, my stylist no longer seems to be as helpful as she was before. She was always telling me ways to style my hair and of course giving me new ideas for cut, now its just not happening. I've been seeing her for almost three years, I need advice!"

Answer: Well this is one decision that you are going to have to make yourself, but I will give you my opinion, remember like you I'm a client too! Okay here's what I'm going to say first, your stylist is supposed to be like your friend, seriously. Now for your answer, your stylist should always be willing to help you decide on your haircuts or colour or chemical service. He or she should always have open communication with you and really care to listen to what you want and your lifestyle. No point in having a haircut that is high maintence if you only have five minutes in the morning. Also your stylist should suggest new ideas to you every once in a while (or if like me, I rely on my stylists advice for my cut when I go!) your stylist should keep your look "fresh" and trendy at the same time. I mean every so often its time for a change, whether it be adding some highlights or changing your cut. This is important, and I have an article for stylists that deals with change, but you are more than welcome to read it, it's great you will have to scroll down to see it but it's called "The Fine Line" its one of my favourite articles that I have writen. Here's what I don't know, has your stylist ever suggested a new idea to you? If so then I too wonder why it has stopped happening, but you are always free to ask your stylist for a suggestion. So you are thinking about changing stylists? This tells me something......When a client thinks about changing stylists it usually means that there is something in the relationship that is wrong, (the stylist - client or client - stylist relationship) It seems to me that you are unhappy with her service to you lately. You have become used to her suggesting new ideas and giving you advice about your hair that now that she stopped giving you ideas you feel like somethings wrong, and I will be honest with you I'd feel the same. I do have a suggestion for you, why not talk to her about it, and maybe say "hey (insert her name) I need your advice in terms of a new cut/colour/style got any ideas?" or " I really enjoyed it when you suggested haircut/colour/style ideas, got any more?" Make sure that she knows that you value her opinions and that you really enjoy and appreciate her suggestions and advice. Trust me if you want to see your stylist smile (and possibly blush) tell them how you appreciate their suggestions and advice and tell them how great their last service was! Trust me they get so happy to hear that and honestly who wouldn't like to hear that they made someone's day and made someone happy (Okay now I feel like I must go thank my stylist and Steve for the patience and help throughout the years!---Thanks Andrew and Steve! ) Okay back to your answer, honestly if she just doesn't want to help you anymore, even after you ask for her advice again, you know if she just brushes your questions off and stops suggesting then maybe it is time you find a new stylist. I mean if your stylist is not going to help guide you in terms of style/cut/colour then you need to find one that will. It's important for stylists to suggest something new to their cleints every so often, regardless of whether or not the client agrees with it, it just shows the client that the stylist is interested in keeping you up-to-date and helping you out with your hair.
Okay to sum it up, if you really feel she doesn't care to help you anymore and you feel that you have tried to talk to her about it then see another stylist, but if you want to I suggest talking to her about it if you really want to hold on to her.
This is your decision, remember you are paying for the service and they are trying to keep your business, you are the one who shoud be treated like a queen and pampered.
Good's in your hands!

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