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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Switching TR products
Hello again,
I hope all are well, I can't wait to discuss some things that I have been working on for you all.....
First I just want to say that it is really annoying when you e-mail a company looking for some help with their products and they decide not to e-mail you back. Really it's like if you have an e-mail address it makes sense for somone to look at it, I mean it's potential business. It is like I want to know the ph level of your shampoo...and they never answer. I've e-mailed this company asking that exact question and I have not gotten any answer from them....strange, but I don't like the company and as you all know I'm a huge TIGI fan, so I'm sticking with TIGI. TIGI's customer/client service is incredible always reply within a week and most times the next business day. I love TIGI their people always have the answers or will find them out for you! So for all you at TIGI in good old Texas congratualation for such great customer service. Keep the products coming! Okay let's get down to some business here
Now alot of people seem to be confused as to whether they can switch TR brands, for example they had their first TR done with Liscio and now want to have their TR done with StraightTIO.
Can it be done? Yes.....
Here is what you need to keep in mind....
Most TR products contain ammonium thioglycolate (or simply called thioglycolate) and as long as the TR product you want to use contains thioglycolate you are okay
Liscio, Yuko, CHI, Istraight, Bio Ionics and StraightTIO all contain thioglycolate as their main chemical ingredient
So now you are thinking what is there to watch out for?
Regardless of the brand of TR product you need to have a technician who understands the science of hair and what is going on with the hair each step of the service, to find a reputable technician I suggest using the interview sheet I have posted (you will have to scroll wayyyyyy down to find it but it's worth it) use the interview sheet to interview a potential technician. Remmeber this is something that you need to prepare for, it is your hair and you want the best person working on it. You want to make sure it comes out right, this is not like a haircut! (okay lets admit this, a stylist who is bad with scissors is another disaster waiting to happen) With any chemical service especially chemical straightening services (TR/X-tenso) you are disrupting the hair's interior layer (the cortex) and these chemcials can if used improperly yield bad results, anything ranging from frizzy confused hair to hair that breaks off. Now its important to find a good technician this way you can avoud most of these problems.
What chemical relaxers don't mix?
I know you were waiting for that one, there are chemical relaxers that do not mix. Relaxers that contain sodium hydroxide, the ones that have lye and the ones labelled "no lye" which contain cystamine do not mix with thioglycolate....when they mix they produce Nair!!!!!! Now you know the secret ingredients in nair, well they were never secret but! Relaxers that contain sodium hydroxide or lye or cystamine tend to be the ones that are used for Afro-Canadian hair....but still many salons that offer relaxers will be using a relaxer that contains sodium hydroxide, lye or cystamine. That is why it is important to know what the main chemical ingredient is when you get your hair relaxed or straightened. It's also great if you know the strength, product name and company.

Okay I know what you are saying "TIGI Girl sum it up..." Alright I will
Relaxers and straighteners that contain thioglycolate mix with thioglycolate
so thiogylcolate + thioglycolate = Okay to interchange
So CHI (though this brand is considered the least favourite by many technicians) and StraightTIO (the best brand in my opinion) can be interchanged. So you can have a TR with CHI and then have the roots touched up with Straight TIO

Relaxers and straighteners containing sodium hydroxide, lye or cystamine DO NOT mix with thioglycolate
So sodium hydroxide + thioglycolate = NO NO
lye + thioglycolate = NO NO
cystamine + thioglycolate = NO NO
So "no mistake" relaxer does not mix with StraightTIO

One more thing if you have had L'oreal's X-tenso (which is like a relaxer) and want to have a TR (StraightTIO, CHI, Liscio, Yuko) you can!!!!! X-tenso's main ingredient is thioglycolate just like the TR brands I mentioned.

Just another small note...please try to stick to one brand, StraightTIO is by far the best of all the TR products out there, it was made in Japan where TR got started and is loved by all technicians who use it, Steve one of my hair guru's who is a chemcial straightening expert uses StraightTIO. I think it's important to try to stick to one!

Hope this has helped you all....when in doubt you can e-mail me as to whether the two you want to use can be interchanged..I'd be glad to help...just e-mail me, click the link and ask away!

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