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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

****I'm so glad to say that Steve is doing a bit better tonight****
Tonight I'm going to post something that I have obtained from his site
The following article is copyright Steve Tcherkezian, 2005, no part of this or any other publication on this site is to be reproduced or copied without prior consent of me (tigi girl).

Although my hair looks wonderful--I am REALLY, REALLY worried! When the iorn was close to my scalp it was burning a little bit, but then when the neutralizer was on, I actually felt strong burning. I told my hairdresser and he looked and said everything was fine--but now I have little white scabs and rough spots on my scalp. He said not to wash my hair for a week, but I'm worried that I should be putting something on my scalp so that it heals and my hair doesn't start falling out at the root, or even stop growing from these areas! He said he was using Lisco I think.

Response from Steve:
I don't know what your stylist is talking about, because you shouldn't have felt any discomfort at all, unless of course you were moving your head a lot during the ironing compression and thus, accidentally you may feel a little burn, but for the most part you are NOT supposed to feel burning sensation during the ironing compression or the neutralizing process. In fact your scalp should feel as natural and comfortable as it was before the TR service. Clearly, your stylist was not delicate at all throughout the entire TR service. Also, the angle or the elevation during the ironing was totally wrong and as a result, the vapour or steam during the ironing had caused all this. If your hair had too much dampness and if the ironing technique was incorrect; it can cause the scalp to burn. Sure, you can tell your stylist that Steve says everything is NOT fine, and no one should go through this discomfort during and/or after the TR service. If your scalp is slightly burned - you should not shampoo your hair for seven days or until the scalp is completely healed, this is because the stimulating effect of shampooing could cause scalp irritation - by combing/brushing, shampooing and pulling your hair with a little force - the scalp may not be able to bear the force and the new growth will be pulled out of the pores and cause reduction (permanent hair reduction is defined as the long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing). Also, do not wear a tight cap, scarf or anything that "causes pressure" on the scalp for seven days. Do not brush, swim, blow-dry, flat iron or wear a style that "creates tension" on the scalp or along the hairline such as ponytails and pullbacks for seven days. If the scalp has abrasions, cuts or irritation, to do so could further aggravate the situation and possibly cause breakage, loss of hair and infection. In each of these cases, the scalp would be more sensitive and liable to become irritated sometimes causing a dried serum (scab) formed over the sore areas. I know exactly what you are taking about, but I don't know the extent of burn. Therefore, to be on the safe side, I really think it is best if you visit your family Doctor and as soon as possible. If your Doctor suggest cortisone shots, get other Doctors opinion, but don't do it just because they said so. Nature heals wounds, so give it some time. In Canada, a visit to the Doctor is free for Canadian Citizens. If you are in the USA, collect these charges from your stylist. You'll notice dandruff-like flakes, and this is okay, but make sure you do NOT remove them from the scalp; allow some time and nature will take care of this. Sleep on a slippery or satin pillow case. Also, go for a walk or do minor exercise; this will allow the oil glands secrete and lubricate and preserve softness on the scalp. When it's time to shampoo your hair, I recommend you use Redken's All Soft Shampoo, All Soft Conditioner and All Soft Heavy Creme Treatment. These products are acid balanced and compatible with the pH of skin and scalp. If you want to comb your hair, brush it or whatever you want to do until the scalp is healed - the idea is to DO it GENTLY.

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