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Friday, March 18, 2005

Now it's time for Clients!
Hello again, I hope all my readers are well, yes I've been busy reading up some more information and learning more to teach you.....
So I stumbled across something very puzzling online, I found this on a message board and I'm going to post about it. Someone said that I should take a look at it and I did. On there is a thread about a particular salon in Toronto, and let me say that based on what people have posted about this salon I was thoroughly disgusted! I'm going to refrain from spilling the name but you can go check it out, it's under a thread "*** Complaint"
Now knowing me a reader said "hey check this out, what do you think?" So I'm here to write about it.
I always say that we should all be very thankful and greatful for our stylists and technicians and people in the beauty industry, they are after all the ones that make us look and feel great. But when it comes to people in the beauty industry being mean to their clients this is a no-no, just like it would be wrong for a client to be mean to their stylist.
Now back to that salon post thing, I could not believe how the posters were treated, I mean having their credit card not returned in a polite way that is just wrong. Also stylists playing complete favourtism and letting it be known is not great either. I mean I know people all have their favourites and that is okay but as a stylist you have to make all your clients feel special, after all clients make people in the beauty industry possible, if we did not have a need then they would not have a job. Now from what I read these girls complained that they were not treated very nicely there and if you want to know the details read it there I'm not going to post them here, frankly because I am disgusted at how they were treated but it did make me see something....
Now what do I think about how they were treated....just wrong, clients are the ones who keep stylists (I mean all in the beauty industry but to refrain from writing it all I'm going to use stylist) in business. Clients remember how you treat them and like I always said a negative word goes around alot faster than a good one. See how much attention that negative salon comment got on Flare? There are people who are saying they are not going to go there anymore and for one who thought about going there they are not going to anymore because they read that thread. When someone posts a great salon experience people seem to skim over it, like "oh that's nice" but the negative one gets all the attention.
I'd love to write those people at that salon and tell them how disappointed I am in them, there is no room for ego in a salon, really a big ego is not needed. As a professional you have to realize that those clients that fill your chair and pay for your service and give you tip and business could walk out that door and never come back....Clients always have the ability to choose where they want to go and who it is they want to do their hair/esthetics. Sorry but there is no law, and there are alot of stylists out there accepting new clients all the time. So do a terrible job, be mean to them, make them feel inferior and not worth your time and just plain unimportant they will leave, and trust me they will find someone who makes them look and feel like a million. So when you do something to make your client turn away there is always another stylist waiting to scoop up your client and treat them like the important and special people they are!
To those at Salon ***...time to bust that ego bubble, and time to shape up and treat your clients like gold, it does not matter where they come from and who they are, they are your clients and deserve to feel like gold and if you don't make them feel that way then I tell them say goodbye! You salon *** will not be worth their time and frustration if that is how you run things....get with it, clients make you your money and who you are!
....To clients, you are special and deserve to be treated like gold, after all you make it possible for them to do what they do....
....To stylists that are just amazing and really care, congratulations for being what every client dreams of
Clients dream of that stylist who can help them with their hair woe's and make their hair look amazing. We want a stylist to listen to our concerns, to help us make good decisions about our hair and to teach us about hair care. We want a stylist who is creative, who is fun to be around, who makes the salon experience fun! We want a stylist who can make dreams come true (I really like this one) a stylist who can keep us looking fresh and up-to-date. A stylist who makes us not only look good but feel good to
Hence my favourite hair philosophy..."Look good, feel good" - Toni&Guy philosophy
Now I'm going to tell you something that I realized, I realized just how lucky I am to go to a great salon filled with incredible people, people who make me feel like I am the most important person in the world when I'm there. People who care to make me smile, people who care to make the salon experience a blast. People who know and make me feel understood. I'm lucky to have two hair guru's who have taught me so much......Steve I know the questions never end, but the patience and kindess is much appreciated. Andrew I think I finally got the flat ironing technique close to perfection, thanks for making me try. Ah my two guru's you both may never understand just how much you have impacted and changed me, you both may never know how much it means to me, but to let you both know it means the world and I have been blessed!
...Going to the salon should be fun and stylists and clients alike should have a great time.
It's about passion for the art, stylists who create it and clients who wear it!

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