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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tell it to us straight...the claims of one infomercial regarding their hair iron
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I've heard it all when it comes to sales pitches and let's admit it, as consumers we are not always sure if the claims we hear are true, sometimes some words and before and after pictures get to us. I hear you, I've seen them all - regardless the product! I have been very lucky to have done some work with an interactive marketing company and I have learned alot about marketing. The reason I'm writing tonight is to educate the consumer, tonight it's about the claims of this infomercial, I'm not going to name the product, since I don't want to get into legal troubles. Although I'm going to investigate the companies claim, so before I write here's my disclamer
The opinions expressed in this post are that of the owner (tigi girl) and the information posted is for educational purposes.
Just to let you know that if you iron and blow-dry your hair it may be a good idea to get a chemical straightener, be it TR or X-tenso. Remember irons/heat styling tools offer temporary results, chemicals offer more permanent to your stylist about your options!
I'm going to educate you the remember it's all buyer beware with infomercials...let's begin
I really dislike it how they take the consumer to be gullible, we are educated people, I'm here to help you out...
A false claim that they this is one to read!
*They tell the viewer "stop damaging your hair" oh do they think that consumers are dumb, honestly that made me laugh, I was upset but I thought to myslef...."your dealing with me, I know the truth and the lies ain't getting far with me!" Here's what I mean....they tell you to "stop damaging your hair" well umm unles they are complete dunces they should know that heat is heat! Heat damages the hair! No matter how much or the source it just damages the hair - plain and simply. Even the heat of the sun can damage the hair! To the claim "stop damaging your hair" I respond " stop the lies, and get your information straight, heat is heat!"*
Another great claim is "stop spending money on straightening irons, curling irons that can fry you hair" - another great laugh...heat is heat! Last I checked the product they were selling was a straightening iron..
Claim #1 - "it mends split ends" to this I respond "stop lying straight through your teeth" I've writen many times that there is nothing that can mend or fix a split end but a haircut! Here again is the reason, the damage has occured in the interior layer of the hair, in the cortex. The hair's first line of defence is the cuticle, there are 8-12 layers of cuticle that protect the interior layer of the hair. Once the layers are worn away due to damage (heat, chemicals, enivronmental factors and age in reference to the length of the hair etc. all cause damage to the cuticle) a hole is created, what we see is a split end. So again there is no way that this iron or any product can repair split ends.
Claim #2 -"repels humidity" or it can be said that it prevents frizz...after all frizz occurs due to humidity, that results in there being excess moisture in the hair and thus frizz. Think this out with me, how can an iron repel humidity, can it remove the excess moisture from the hair? Nope...can it magically change the weather? Nope....Do you want your frizz to vanish or not even to occur? I know you are all nodding your head and saying "tell me woman!" Well you need a good anti-frizz product. What anti-frizz products do is coat the cuticle, the product forms a barrier against allowing any moisture in the hair. Remember moisture is water, and most good anti-frizz products have an ingredient that will repel water. So if the cuticle is covered then water cannot get in. Think of it like's raining outside and you do not want to get wet so you put on a rain coat, the rain does not get in does it? Same concept for anti-frizz products. I recommend and swear by Bedhead's Control Freak Serum...I've used this for almost two years and nothing works like this's got the quality ingredients and honestly it can be humid outside and I don't have frizz! I love that stuff!
Claim #3 - "It lasts shampoo to shampoo" I found that this is misleading it can be taken to mean that it will last throughout the shampoo's which we all know that when water hits flat ironed hair it will go right back to how it was before you ironed it, therefore au natural! But here is another point, it will last until you shampoo or wet your hair again....or if humidity hits your hair say goodbye (unless you have a good anti-frizz product)
Claim #4 - "Real ceramic plates" okay so are they saying that the plates are 100% ceramic? Sounds like it to me. Here's the truth, real ceramic plates, I mean 100% ceramic irons are not cheap...certainly at least over $400 (I've been told) and another thing is that most irons are not 100% ceramic. The irons that are out there that are ceramic irons are not 100% ceramic, there are other materials in it. The professional irons that are out there are wonderful!
Claim #5 - "Endorsed by professional stylists nationwide" ummm can you name a stylist for me? I doubt that most stylists would use a infomercial flat iron, they use professional tools. So umm I'm still waiting for the names of these stylists just so happens that there are no names of stylists mentioned.
Claim #6- It heats up in seconds and does not lose heat from pass to pass (iron to iron) - did anyone inform these people that professional irons are the same? Umm hello if salon professionals have to use irons to style their client's hair then it obviously needs to heat up quickly and have a quick heat recovery time (this is what they are talking about when they say that it doesn't lose heat from pass to pass) Heat recovery time for any professional brand is rapid, by the time the stylist puts the next section of hair into the iron it's ready, it takes only a few seconds.
Claim #7- It has a swivel cord, it has narrow plates for styling versatility - did anyone tell them that most have swivel cords and the plate size and style is a matter or personal prefence.
Claim #8 - Colour change- from maroon to red...its supposed to indicate the iron is ready.... all you really need to do is pass your hand over the iron and if you feel heat it's ready...most professional irons heat up in about 2 minutes. It uses infared heat...all professional ceramic irons use FIR (far infared radiation/heat)
I hope that this post has been enlightening, I certainly enjoyed writing it for you all.
-Have a great hair day always!

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