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Friday, February 25, 2005

Tonight I thought I'd do something a little bit different......tonight I wanted to tell you about what it is to be a teacher and to inspire...I know you think this is off topic, but my two hair guru's have been both teachers and have inspired me to do so much, so every I must give them the recognition and hopefully this inspires some other people out there to thank those who have taught and inspired them, and maybe more people will become like these two wonderful people....everyone has the power to teach and inspire!
You know my life has never quite been the same since I met these two guys....okay so I won't rewrite what I did in the "Inspiration" post but I can't seem to thank them enough for stylist Andrew for the dream come true, my life changed after prom, I loved what I saw for the first time! For believing that I could, if it wasn't for your words of wisdom I would never have picked up the flat iron again Steve for inspiring the dream, for teaching me all about hair as a structure, for all those replies at those crazy times at night (at 1 and 2 am!)
You see it takes a really strong and patient person to teach someone.....sometimes even the smallest words of wisdom can be inspirational. I'm eternally greatful to my two guru's.
So how to inspire? You know it's not hard to inspire someone, sometimes people just need a little push in life to get them going. Sometimes people need to hear that someone believes in them. You know when you feel that you can't do something and then you tell someone and they in one way or another tell you that you can do it and that you can succeed. To me for some reason when someone tells me they believe in me (in one way or another) I suddenly feel that I can, that I have to try again, that I might have fallen but that I had to get up and try again, not to let it get me. Okay back to my guru's....both have their own way of inspiring me to try I start
Steve.....all that complicated stuff about hair, for a thing that is small in comparison to many other things hair is such a darn complicated thing! I wanted so much to learn about TR and Xtenso and to this day I still do....this one phrase "you have it in you" I keep that in my agenda book and when I think all of this scientific hair stuff gets to complicated I tell myself that I can understand it, he's always made me feel that I could understand it. There was this one post about how Xtenso breaks the bonds of the hair and in the post there was this chemical formula and at first I was, very sciency, but after reading it over and over and thinking about it I think I have somewhat come to understand it. In school chemistry was never really my favourite class, but I feel that I understand the science of hair at least somewhat...I'm getting there.
Andrew...After prom the desire for straight hair began, darn you always could get it so straight and you still got it! I remember telling him about my difficulty in trying to straighten my hair when I was at the salon and he said something that I still keep close to this day and the next time I washed my hair I told myself that I was going to pick up that iron and try again...I did and after trying many times I finally got the hang of it (well that and I bought a professional iron which allowed me to get better irons don't work if you gotta buy one buy a professional ceramic one) I tried so hard, after carefully watching you flat iron my hair I started to realize my mistakes and I learned to correct them and now I'm proud to say that I can flat iron my hair well. I made progress in learning to use the brush and blow-dryer but I'll stick with the iron alone now!
See what I'm saying? We all need someone to tell us we can when we feel that we cannot.....sometimes we should be the ones to encourage others too. Not only did these guys inspire me they taught me and that is evident in what I have writen here and in the "Inspiration" post. These same two guys inspired this blog and I'm proud to say that they both have seen it and like it and I wish them the best always!
You know it's really wonderful to be blessed with amazing people in my life, and there are many people who have inspired me, just some in larger ways than others but all deserve recognition. So next time you see someone who has inspired you thank them. Also realize that you to have the power to teach and inspire.....
You know when you have been inspired in a life changing way don't you feel that you can never say thank you enough? For some reason I do, it seems like no matter how hard I try "thank you" is just not enough....people can in my opinion never really fully understand how much they have affected you no matter how many times you tell them....why? because you are the one who is affected and you feel it. They may have an idea but I doubt they can truly know how much they have affected you... My two hair guru's will never really know how much they have changed me, but I do say thank you....and yes this blog is for you both.
So what is a teacher?
-One who teaches you
-Gives you words of wisdom
-Inspires you
-Believes in you
-Someone who is patient
Someone who is there for you when you need them, even at 2am! (hehe) someone willing to take on the challenge of teaching you, someone who teaches you little things and make you a better person. Someone who inspires you, someone who believes in you and because of that you become a better and stronger person. Someone who changes your life in a positive way....

***Steve I hope that you get better soon, my prayers are with you and your family, You'll make it through your strong and I believe ****

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