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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Something to learn from my day at the salon....
It's been some time since I have felt so relaxed, refreshed and gorgeous....haha so you figured it out I had a day at the salon - it was totally awesome! I wanted to post a few things that I thought were well important. Reading all the experiences that people have gone through - many of you are so eager to post your experiences although I always end up stumbling across all the negative and sad ones, especially TR experiences. Tonight I wanted to write about something wonderful, an amazing experience! So here I go...yes it's going to do with my day!
Did you ever notice how a day at the salon totally makes you feel so refreshed and alive again? Okay I was not there for a whole day, 2 hours, and well I got my haircut and my eyebrows done (my first time getting my brows done!) but still I must say I had the most wonderful time in some time. The entire staff was wonderful! You know how wonderful it felt to feel that I was the most important person in the room? I really felt that I was really special and that all attention was focused on me, I was pampered so much :) I was taken care of so well by everyone who worked with me, and everyone at the salon was totally wonderful with me - You guys totally spoil me - but I love it! I laughed and smiled so much and everything went so incredibly well, I had such a fun time.
So not to get into too much detail....I wanted to tell everyone-client and professional about this because there is a lesson in all of this, what could you possibly learn from it? Now do you think I'd leave you hanging like that? You know I don't leave people hanging like that. The thing that I learned is that if the professional is having fun and in a wonderful mood with a big smile on their face then this reflects on the client....if you are having fun, enjoying the job then so will the clients. Sometimes I'm led to think that the professionals are the ones that make or break a clients experience. It's how you (the pro) treat the client, I'm not just talking about the stylist or technician but I'm also talking about receptionists and assistants....remember the first person the client tends to interact with is the receptionist or whomever greets them when they enter the door. It's important I think to have fun while you are doing the job......clients tend to pick up the mood that is presented and clients love to be pampered and made to feel like they are special and important to you, after all when else does a client get pampered - work and school can be (ok are) stressful. Clients enjoy hearing about services that you have to offer them, also if you feel that a paticular service would be beneficial then you should offer it to the client. It's important however to tell them why you recommend what you do. Remember not all clients know what their hair's needs are and you can help them, we love this, it shows that you think about us! Also it's important to remember that you the salon professional, no matter what your job, can transform a frown into a smile! Trust me as a client I know that going to the salon is my favourite thing to do, a total treat and when I leave I cannot wait to go back again! Why? Because I love how I am treated, to feel like the most important person in the world, to feel and know that I am getting the best is an incredible feeling, to know that the people who work with me do such amazing work with a smile on their face makes me want to come back. The whole atmosphere, how I am pampered to the max, makes me enjoy every minute. If I have not had a great day or week my experience at the salon can totally turn everything around. I've decided that it's impossible for me to tell you how wonderful it really can be. So do you see the power that you the professional can hold? You as a professional can transform a client in more than one way! Never forget that...I think a job in the beauty industry can be and is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.
Now I'm going to address the clients, clients appreciate all the wonderful things that salon professionals do for you...remember especially to say thank you! Thank you is actually really interesting, such a small phrase to express immense gratitude....I never thought that "thank you" sufficed to say what I really want to.....sometimes I feel that there are no words to express certain feelings, they are simply seen or shown through body language, or big bright smiles and sparkling eyes that could light up a night sky. So show your appreciation!
I think that it was important to address this....I must say that today was wonderful, the best day in a while. Even if this lasts for only today, then it is totally worth it....a day of fun! We all need that more often. It's important to remember the little things, and I hope that all of you have learned something from this post.
Have a great hair day always!

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