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Monday, January 10, 2005

Shampoo...the sulfacant and Parabens
There has been alot of rumours regarding shampoo's containign Sodium Laureth/Laryl Sulfate, and I'm here to set the record straight once and for all.
As we all know on the net it's reader beware, there are people out there who give out false information and some do so deliberatly. There have been rumours about sodium laureth/laryl sulfate, but the rumours are not true and there is no need for alarm. The same for parabens, but I'll get to that later.
Okay so rumours about SLS (I'm going to use SLS to stand for sodium laureth/laryl sulfate. FYI-sodium laureth sulfate is different than sodium laryl sulfate! just making sure I'm clear but both are safe!) were going around a few years ago that were telling people lies about SLS, they claimed it was not safe, that it could cause harm, so untrue! So then how did the rumour get started? First let me tell you a bit about two cleansers ALS (ammonium laureth/laryl sulfate) and SLS. ALS, both the ammonium laureth sulfate and ammonium laryl sulfate are very harsh cleansers! Trust me you do not want to be using ALS to clean your hair since it is very harsh. ALS is contained in many household cleaners including the stuff to clean drains! ALS is also a very cheap cleanser...this brings me to the next point, you know most of those shampoo's at the drug store, well most of them have ALS! That is why they are cheap, (and many other reasons, but the quality of ingredients in these drug store brands are cheap and not benificial to the hair!) SLS on the other hand is a gentle cleanser and much better for the hair, it's also more expensive then ALS. The shampoo's I use contain SLS, and they do not dry out the hair, but leave it quite soft (versus using the ALS) and the hair just looks more pleasing. Think about it when using ALS you are using a harsh cleanser how good can it be for your hair if it's in drain cleaners!? So please get a professional salon brand products! (TIGI, Redken etc)
So how did the rumour start? Well it is speculated that companies that use ALS in their products started the rumour...not known for sure. It appears (and still is the case) that people are making the switch to professional salon brands (many of which contain SLS) and that other manufacturers were losing money due to the switch consumers were making, so the rumour started! The rumour was seriously investigated by the FDA in the US, and Health Canada in Canada (that is as far as the info I found took me but I'm sure other countries responded by having their health teams anaylze the substance) and they have all concluded that the rumours are false and that SLS has been used safely for years! They say that SLS is safe for use in hair products and it is true its been proven time and time again by many gov't funded agencies and private companies that do research!
So in short SLS is the better hair cleanser, its safe and gentle to the hair and less damaging than ALS.
I think as do many people ALS is cheap, terrible for the hair in terms of harshness and damage and if it's used in drain cleaners why use it on your hair....just think about it.
Oh and about parabens being harmful, again not true, I have read documents presented by the FDA and Health Canada, who both approve the use of parabens in cosmetic products. Chemists agree that parabens are nescessary in cosmetics and hair products and the elimination of parabens can be harmful! Parabens prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in cosmetics and hair care products! So these parabens are necessary. In regards to a study that said it was harmful, the study proved to be false, another study was done and it concluded that parabens are safe and do not increase the risk of harm. Trust me I have looked into this and I have read the nescessary information and I want to inform you that it is safe, plus there is almost no cosmetic or hair product (deodorants had them too!) that does not contain parabens, chemists say that not having parabens is worse because bacteria will grow in the products which is not good! Parabens prevent the growth of bacteria and have been used for years.
FYI...there are about six (6) different kinds of parabens.
If ever in doubt of a chemicals safety read information from the FDA and Health Canada, the results are honest.
P.s. Please be careful about what you read on the net, the information that I post is true, I have done my research using reputable sources and people in the hair industry who are experts in their field.

I am including a guide to the gentleness of your shampoo
Ammonium Laurly Sulfate = very very harsh
Ammonium Laureth Sulfate = very harsh but better than above
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate = better than the above but still a bit harsh
Sodium Laureth Sulfate = ultra- gentle cleansing substance! Great pick
TEA Lauryl Sulfate = Good pick
TEA Laureth Sulfate = Good pick
*Note, guide to gentleness of shampoo information is from and the guide remains property of and the owner Steve Tcherkezian. Copyright 2005 .

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