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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Home Treatments vs. Salon Treatments

Question: I have heard about salon treatments for the hair, in the paper they called it "special intensive treatments" for the hair....I'm not sure exactly what that means unless they are talking about treatments designed to improve the structure of the hair, which I'm assuming is what is meant (sort of like the advice you give people to bring their hair to par for chemical services) I was wondering what your opinion on those are, is there a difference in getting these treatments done in the salon vs. at home? For example someone wants/needs a protein treatment should they get it done at the salon or is the at-home products just as great. The article in the paper made it seem somewhat important.

Answer: Hair treatments can be done as efficiently at-home as the in-salon. There are situations where it is best to have it done in-salon, but for the most part, if you have a professional hair care regimen and if you are taking the time in doing it as prescribed by a professioanl; at-home hair treatments is as good.
Steve Tcherkezian

This was obtained from and is copyright Steve Tcherkezian, Verticals In Hair 2005.

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