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Monday, December 13, 2004

I wanted to tell you all about hair treatments. From time to time all of us experience hair that is well "not like it used to be" or in my case "hair that never looks as good as it should, only time it does is after going to the salon." What I mean by that is hair that looks dull, lacks shine. Hair that is dry and damaged, damaged from the environmental aspects: pollution and smog. Hair that has been damaged due to styling, yes the blow-dryers, flat iron, or curlers, the brushes the pins, the clips etc. Hair that has been damaged from chemical treatments, such as colour. Hair that is splitting or breaking because it is weak or torched/fried (I admit I have fried it but I love the iron!) When your hair has lost it's shine, strength and beauty something needs to be done to restore it and to that I know you agree. Hair has two basic "nutrients" one is protein (it's stength") and moisture ("it's elasticity") Too much or too little of one can cause problems, like the ones that were mentioned above. So to solve the problem the hair needs to be balanced again, to have the right amount of each.
Just a side note, for those of you with thick curly hair (that's me too) most of us have an excess of strength (therefore protein) and lack elasticity (therefore moisture) and this is where out lovely natural hair problems begin, due to the imbalance. You want to know about's too much moisture in our hair...since the hair is curly the bonds that hold the hair together are not closely nit, they are a bit more separated and moisture seeps in between these little "holes" and then our hair swells. People with straight hair have their bonds closely spaced and therefore moisture cannot seep into the hair.
Anyways now it's the time where I tell you how to fix our little problems, for those of us who suffer the problem of frizz my previous post speaks about a great product, Bedhead's Control Freak serum. This can be purchased at any Toni&Guy salon, or any salon that carries the brand, including Trade Secret and The Beauty Supply Outlet. Do Not buy from a drug store, they are diverted and can be contaminated! This goes for all professional salon products. Now to the good part....
How to Fix Split Ends...
Now this one has a very simple answer....Get A Haircut! Seriously this is the ONLY way to get rid of them. Go visit your favourite hairdresser and ask him or her to get rid of those nasty spilit ends that have been bothering me you will notice your hair will look alot better. Now I know some of you may have heard about prouducts that "glue" the split ends back together, this is an okay TEMPORARY measure, but it will never take the place of a haircut. Now here's why...once the hair is split it's split forever there is no way to put it back together...think of gluing back together a broken vase, it will never work or hold forever. Once the vase is broken there is no way of getting it to be whole again, you will always see the cracks so its off to the trash for that poor vase. Now same deal with your hair, the products are temporary but once hair is split its forever, and the only way for it to go away is a hair cut.
Now I know sometimes it can be too much to bear to have all that hair cut off, but if you can bear it do so. I had a good 4 inches of split ends removed and let me tell you it was not bad as I thought...I thought it would be alot of hair gone, but in the end it was still long, yes it felt weird for a day or two but it just looked so amazing I never missed it. Plus the cut was wonderful so I really loved it! I did not have the split ends anymore and I'm glad I did it. But alas for those of you who cannot bear it you should get a few inches cut off once a month until they are gone. But that can pose a problem, the hair will continue to split. This is why when a stylist cuts away split ends he or she does not cut it at the exact part where they first see the split, but they cut it a bit higher up, this way all of the split end is removed. If they do not they risk leaving the split end there and it will continue to split. So I think sooner or later you will have to get all the split ends cut off in one shot. People have said that the trimming it away slowly doesn't work and that you will lose more length that's not that bad, if you have a great stylist they can work with it and give you a great cut.
Fixing the other damage...
Okay now to revive that dull, rough hair. Now I tried this on my hair over the weekend. My hair had lost its shine I think it was "ironed out" but not only that, some parts of my hair were getting rough, the ends most of all, so I thought deep treatment. In most cases a deep treatment for the hair is a great idea. I used Bedhead's Chocolate Head Massive Hair Repair. Honestly Chocolate Head is a miracle in a bottle. My hair is shiny and soft even the ends! I hae not stopped looking and touching my hair I am extremely happy with it and impressed by this product. So if you want to try a product for a deep treatment go with the Chocolate Head. In any case for any deep treatment, follow the instruction but leave it on for at least 15-20 min. The Chocolate Head says leave on for 3-5, leave it on for 15 minutes. (I did this) To enhance the treatment you can wrap your hair in platic wrap as you wait for the time to go by...I've done this too.
I should add that you can also use Bedhead's Dumb Blond Reconstructor as a hair treatment, it is not as intense as the Chocolate head but here is my advice....Use the chocolate head once a week for one week, then use the Dumb Blond Reconstructor once a week for two weeks. This is my plan. Then after this regimine (which is the initial one) use the Dumb Blond Reconstructor once a month and the Chocolate Head every few months. This is my regimine.
Do's & Don'ts
Do....get your haircut regularily this will prevent split ends and your stylist can also alert you if they notice and other damage
Do....allow your stylist to remove all the split ends at once, this is the best way to get rid of can even ask your stylist.
Don't....use a flat iron without a heat protectant, this will help prevent any damage to your hair.
Don' too many things to your hair, the bleaching, the colouring, the ironing, try to keep it to a minimium...ease on the bleach it destroys the cystine bonds of the hair...making it brone to breakage and dryness.
Do....use a deep treatment at least every two months. You can follow the one I mentioned previously.
Don't....overuse deep treatment products, this is not good for your hair either. You do not need to do it EVERY time you wash. The Dumb Blond Reconstructor can be used as a conditioner, so if you feel that your hair needs quite a bit of TLC then use it. But again I recommend the intital time using the Chocolate Head once a week for one week, then the Dumb Blond Reconstructor once a week for two weeks, then once a month thereafter. This should be significant and is my regimine based on advice given by Anthony Mascolo. (Anthony is a hairstylist and also an owner of TIGI)

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