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Thursday, December 09, 2004

TR & X-tenso...just so you know
Okay last time I told you all that I would tell you how to find a TR technician but I though that people interested in TR or X-tenso should really understand the process before they even look for a technician. The client needs to understand what is supposed to happen during the process,this way during the consultation when the technician is explaining the process to the client the client understands, and you are the client, this is your hair!
TR is a very delicate procedure, and I should warn you all...all of you eager to get into any technicians chair because you want your hair to be pin straight, just like you wanted forever. You need to be aware that this is still new here in Canada and the USA, so many technicians are not as versed with the procedure as they should be. I will let you in on a secret, a TR certificate means nothing! All of the major TR companies (Liscio,. Yuko etc) hand out a certificate to any technician that comes to one of their one or two day seminars, two days is not enough to learn to do something properly, and you know where they will be practising their skills next. On the next client they get. So you do want to make sure that the technician you choose is not one of those still learning...the results can be disasterous. Now you ask how do I know about the certificate, trust me I have my methods of getting into these things and if you look hard on the internet the information is there. I will mention a link at the bottom about where you can find more information on TR.
Just another word of caution....TR or X-tenso in the hands of a technician who does not understand how to properly perform the service and a technician that does not understand hair as a substance can cause permanent damage to your hair. TR in the hands of an unexperienced technician can lead to a "chemical haircut." Litterly! If you have had a sodium hydroxide relaxer and then over that you have a TR the hair will break when the chemicals meet, thus the term "chemical haircut." The hair that had been relaxed with the sodium hydroxide needs to be cut off before the TR goes on!
Okay I'll explain that....TR contains thioglycolate, a sodium hyroxide relaxer (the only one that comes to mind are those that are offered in salons and smell strong like a perm solution!) contains sodium hyroxide, and those two chemicals are NOT compatible, no matter what someone tells you! As long as the hair that has been relaxed with the sodium hydroxide is attached to your head, no TR (or X-tenso) for you! Thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide make Nair, need I say more?
Okay now you hopefully somewhat understand not to jump into any technician's need to do your research first! Now for the explanation of what TR and X-tenso are;
TR stands for thermal reconditioning and it will permanently straighten your hair (your regrowth is your own natural hair, so you will see the regrowth since it will be curly or like it was before you TR'd it), by reforming the bonds of your hair. I won't get too much more technical in this piece. CHI, Bio Ionics, Yuko, Liscio, Straight TIO are all names of the products, they are TR products. Just the name for the product. So think of your shampoo it's got the company name there, but it's still shampoo, so Liscio for example is a TR product. The main chemical ingredient is Thioglycolate. I hope this clear.
X-tenso on the other hand is sort of relaxer, this is for people who do not want to take the plunge and have pin straight hair, this is again more like a relaxer. If you want managability, less frizz, less volume and less curl, but not an elimation of the curl then go for X-tenso. When your hair grows there will not be a harsh demarcation line from where the natural hair begins to where the X-tenso is applied. The main chemical ingredient is thioglycolate.
Again X-tenso in the hands of an unexperienced technician can spell trouble, so you want to do your research well.
Now my next post will deal with the procedure of TR and X-tenso
just a side note, X-tenso is the name of a brand, like Liscio is, but X-tenso is the product most used. It's just a conventional relaxer, but again X-tenso is the product that is most used so I will refer to the conventional relaxer as X-tenso.

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