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Monday, December 13, 2004

Frizz Control...for those of us with the problem!
I would love to tell you all about some wonderful products that I absolutly adore, I really love TIGI products, they have three lines, TIGI, Bedhead, & Catwalk...of the three only the Bedhead and Catwalk are in Canada and the USA, but the Bedhead is my favourite of all. My stylist introduced me to the products and the first day he used the Control Freak Serum I bought it. Honestly that is the greatest frizz control product out there that money can buy. It really helps control the frizz and the best part is if you straighten your hair (I have the curls!) it will prevent moisture from going into the hair, and moisture in the hair causes it to swell and that is frizz ta-da. I have been straightening my hair for almost a year on my own, and Control Freak really prevents my hair from reverting and frizzing. When it's hot and humid, well that's summer here in Toronto Canada hair has a tendancy (well mine or those of us with the curls) to get frizzy, again because of the excess moisture in the air, and wehn I use the serum, NO frizz. Also in any weather curls hair tends to revert (after it is straightened) again because moisture gets in and even in the rain (with a hood on of course) or snow (again the hood is crucial) my hair does not revert to curly and no frizz. I honestly love my Control product compares and I have tried some others. I am a pure TIGI you probably know since that is the title of my blog and the name I am using here ;)

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