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Friday, December 10, 2004

I know I was previously discussing TR, but I do want to share with you something that I noticed today. I was in a salon buying products and my curiosity will always lead me somewhere, so there was this stylist with his client right next to the cashier as I was waiting to pay for the products. I couldn't help but look, I assume he had finished blow-drying her hair or setting it with rollers, since there were rollers on the stylists station counter. She was not too happy about the end result for some reason, I thought it looked nice. I could barely hear what she was saying but I could hear the stylist talking. He asked her how she wanted it, and she was trying to say something and was like confused in how to explain it. So he gave her a book to look through and she said "this but..." I could not make out the rest and he was like so like this and he told her to try to show him what she wanted, even if it meant using two pictures and then finally he understood and she finally made up her mind. Now I think that she had difficulty explaining herself, or what she asked for she did not like, reagardless he (the stylist) kept offering to make it right, to UNDERSTAND her, to help her. He said her hair would be reset, and she must of said she felt bad because he responded to her by saying "Don't feel bad, it's my job" I think he meant that it was his job to make her happy, the client happy. That really stuck out in my mind a whole lot. I thought wow, first a client who was actually able to be honest with her stylist and tell him that she was not as happy as she could be and then a stylist who was doing everything in his power to make it right. I mean hey sometimes when I client tries to tell the stylist something by words the idea is not conveyed as well as it should be, this is on the part of the client, sometimes we as clients do not know what we want exactly. I think she did not know what she wanted from the style either, she could not make up her mind as to what she wanted. That was incredible though, what that stylist did was just mind-blowing, he offered to re-do her hair, that meant shampooing and setting it again. He obviously wasn't able to do it himself because he did have another client after, but I'm telling you to offer to re-do it was just wow, he never once insisted that her hair looked great, he was so concerned with her loving what she saw - Mind blowing!
That's how all stylists should be! Now I want to share my own little story with you....
I can relate to that client, sometimes to be honest with you all I do not know what I want either, but I do try to give my stylist some sort of direction when doing the cut as for the style well he knows that straight is the way I want it...I know it takes so much work but I do appreciate it, makes me sooo happy! Okay back to my story, last time I got my haircut, which was a bit over two weeks ago I was not exactly sure of how I wanted it to be cut, but I did bring in two pictures to help me give my stylist an idea. The thing I was not sure of is if the cuts that I were thinking about would work on hair with my thickness and texture, the models in the pics have thinner hair and alot less than I do. So my stylist combined the two ideas and told me exactly what he would do so I was like okay. It turned out amazing, I really love it alot. It's something a bit different than what I had before, which is awesome because I wanted a bit of change, just not over the top you know what I mean. So there is the other thing, sometimes as clients we are unsure of what we want and yes it's hard for stylists to understand what you want when you are not sure yourself. Personally I like the idea of giving my stylist the reins when it comes to the cut, just as long as I am informed of what he's going to do.
So if you like a particular style bring in a picture, if you are unsure if it will suit you ask your stylist, try to be clear about what you are looking for. Do not be afraid to tell them you are unhappy, a good stylist will do what the stylist I mentioned above did, they will offer to re-do it again until you are happy.
Good luck and have a great hair day...

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